22 November 2015

Cycle Revolution at The Design Museum...

If you live, breathe and love all things two-wheeled, the exhibition of your dreams has arrived at the Design Museum… and you HAVE to go see it.

31 October 2015

Girl in Gaiole - L'Eroica 2015

I've taken on the luscious green hills of the Peak District twice and become a hero on home soil. After wondering what it would be like to do it in Tuscany, I got the chance to ride the climbs, descents and Strade Bianchi of Gaiole. It was a very wet and rain soaked Sunday - not the cycling scenario I'd usually be into. But this wasn't hell. Surprisingly to myself, I loved every muddy & exhausting minute of it.

23 August 2015

London Bike Kitchen: WAGFEST 2015...

So, we know that London Bike Kitchen are pretty bad-ass, and on Saturday Jenni Gwiazdowski and the gang further proved it with their first ever LBKWAGFEST!

19 July 2015

The Red Hook Criterium London 2015...

Red Hook Crit's David Trimble, leading out the Men's Crit
(all photography by Ian James

I was already thinking about going along to it, but when The Cycle Show asked me to report on last Saturday’s Red Hook Crit, I jumped at the chance. This was the London debut of what is regarded as the world’s premier track bike crit, with riders coming from all over the world. With the chance on offer to get very up close and personal with the action, there was no way I was going to miss that chance.
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