25 March 2010

I'll be behind the Bike Sheds...

I got the news I was hoping for this morning: I have a bay in the secure Bike Shed at my workplace! Put in an application for one last week etc and its all been sorted... I'll be given the key tomorrow morning, so I can finally start riding Frankie into work. Coming into the office on Saturday (which isn't an ideal weekend, but work needs doing & I certainly won't say no to the overtime...) and the DLR is down - how else to get in but in style on a Pashley, right? The path to work should be pretty quiet too as I'm planning on leaving home early. Just hope that the weather holds up & I cycle in without any issues. This will be my 1st proper ride 'alone' - no Boy this weekend to guide me on his wheels. Anyway - I'll no doubt blog about the ride with pictures - will be iPhone quality only, as I don't want to lug my D80 around.

Speaking of pictures, an email I got from Clarins this morning which made me smile. They're currently advertising beauty products with the aid of this image:

I can't say that I'll be riding around in that outfit with a touch of Clarins on my skin, but it's nice to see the Bicycle being used in advertising in a kinda Chic / Cool & sexy way!

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