17 March 2010

Time apart...

The feelings of attachment to my Pashley are official: this weekend will be my first without Frankie and I'm going to miss her terribly! I'm heading to Portsmouth to see The Boy for the weekend, but will not be taking her with me. As I'm still not cycling to work yet (currently sorting out a personal Bay in the secure Bike Parking sheds for staff on the Campus), I can't peddle her in on Friday & have her parked-up someplace secure. I'm also no where near the point of being brave enough to ride to Waterloo from East London...

When the time does come for me to take Frankie to Portsmouth, I just know that it's going to be fabulous. The Boy lives in Old Portsmouth, so he is not far from the seafront. The idea of riding along that on a warm Spring or Summers day makes me smile a lot. The area is quite smooth too, so it will make for a great riding experience. Seeing this post by Dottie over on the rater nice "Lets Go Ride a Bike" has really got me thinking about the joys of Spring riding by the water too... beautiful! I must admit, I do envy The Boy when it comes to his journey to work on his bike, as he gets to take in such a lovely sea view every day.

In the meantime, I can work on more chic items to add to the Cycle-Wardrobe for riding in the Sunshine. Yesterday, these 2 chic-hits were ordered and should be with me tomorrow:

Chloé 'Jackson' enamel pendant - which I think would go rather well with a simple dress or skirt / shorts & tee combination...

Chloé square framed Sunglasses - nice retro shape to these & perfect for riding in the sunshine & stopping the sun-glare!...
Anyway... lets hope the bike withdrawal isn't too bad this weekend :)


Lorenza said...

hello! I have just 'discovered' you from Meli's blog ;) I am in Manchester and also have a lovely Pashley Princess, my best friend. She's called Vita ;) Look forward to reading your blog!


Lady Vélo said...

Hi Lorenza!

Thank you for coming along to my blog & commenting :)

Another Pashley Princess Girl... Yay!
Liking the look of your blog(s) too!

Unknown said...

I totally understand the cycling withdrawal. Whenever I'm not on my bike and I see another happy cyclist I sort of get a little jealous...also everyone around me is sick to death of me going on about cycling all the time! But I just love it so much...so blah to them!

As for cycling to Waterloo...well...when I went to the cycle maintenance course in Bermondsey, I went from Waterloo...so took the train from the West of London to Waterloo and cycle from there to Bermondsey...it was an awesome cycle (very cold at the time mind you)...but I can assure you, even though there are main roads, you can plan your route via mostly side streets and I have found that that end of London is far more cycle-friendly that the West of London...where I get daily abuse from motorists for even existing!

But would be great to be able to cycle along the seafront...wow.
Definitely try the Thames path...so beautiful.


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