2 March 2010

The Cycle Revolution

So, lets get this started...

Even at 20something, I'm nowhere near as accomplished as the bloggers I've listed as my inspiration here. I'm essentially a new girl to the world of Cycling - both as an adult & in this City.

The last time I actually owned a bike was years ago: I'd been given my sister's BMX, which had been lovingly restored by our older brother. It was simple (if not a little boyish), but I loved it. He taught me how to ride on it & used to take me to Gloucester Park on a weekend to go cycling & build up my confidence on 2 wheels. As I got older I started to ride less & eventually stopped all together, but the desire to pick it back up was still there. Back then it was 'easy cycling': around the park, down to the shops or with friends after school - carefree and simple. As an adult, the idea of it was taking on a whole new perspective: Safety (not that I have a problem with this), being aware of cars & traffic... trying not to become pavement pizza. In all honestly, the idea of riding around my own beautiful City gave me the fear... something that I didn't want at all.

Fast forward to now & all I can think about is getting back on a bike - and preferably the one that I'd been lusting after for ages. My boyfriend rides and is a keen and experienced cyclist. He's been a major source of encouragement of getting me back on the Saddle, and making me realise that I didn't have to be a top athlete or something to own a bike and just enjoy riding. My idea of it being a world dominated by aggressive commuting riders who have the fastest bikes with 101 gears, Lycra outfits (no thanks) & all the cycling knowledge ever kinda put me off & honestly made me feel that maybe it's not for me. But thanks to blogs like the ones listed & The Boy I've realised it's not all like that - and I can do this just for me & the sheer enjoyment of riding... and hopefully looking as chic as hell on my wheels!

This weekend it all begins: I'll be heading to OnYourBike with The Boy to collect my new ride that's been in their storeroom waiting for me: a black Pashley Princess Classic.This is the bike that I've been lusting after for so long...  a simple and absolutely beautiful piece of traditional bicycle craftsmanship. Combining this with my love of Photography, Fashion & London, I'll be noting all things 'bike & visual' here.

There is no real structure to this blog - it's going to be side-project to keep track of all things cycle, chic and enjoyable about riding... comments & followers are more than welcome... and I'll also be tweeting too - link is on the right of the blog (in red) if you care to follow :)


'Xander Labayen said...

Welcome to this two wheeled addiction full of summer breezes and autumn kissed scented with chain grease and good times.

you will soon find you have a global support team as you embark on your voyage without a destination.


Lady Vélo said...

@ Xander: Thank you for visiting & following my blog - yours makes for a fantastic and inspiring read!

I can't wait to get my Pashley this weekend & enter the addiction that you speak of...The idea of having a global support team is wonderful - the blogs I've seen like yours are very encouraging for me - a "newbie" rider... looking forwards to this voyage indeed.

Kristin Tieche said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Lady Velo! Congrats on your new Pashley! Your inspiration will inspire others!

Lady Vélo said...

@ Kristin - Thank you very much! Really looking forwards to picking the Pashley up on Sunday & starting to ride :) It would be ace if I were an inspiration to others...

Thank you for visiting my blog too :)

ibikelondon said...

Welcome to the wonderful bicycle blogosphere!

Good luck picking up your fab new bike on Sunday, I hope it become your best new friend. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm; for every cycle blogger out there I like to think that new riders are being encouraged too (hoorah!)

Will be checking back for updates.

i b i k e l o n d o n

Lady Vélo said...

@ Mark: Thank you for the warm welcome and the tweet-out too!

I'm really enjoying what I'm reading in the bike-blogosphere & how friendly it is. And of course nice to find fellow East LDN rider too :)

Excited & a tad nervous about picking up the Pashley and riding as its been such a long time for me!

Will be following your blog & there will certainly be updates on mine :)

Lady Vélo

Sox said...

Pashleys are beautiful bikes. Enjoy your adventures!

Lady Vélo said...

@ Sox - thank you for dropping by my blog :) They are indeed beauties - looking forwards to more adventures on it :)

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