29 March 2010

Work it

Back on the Saddle after a slight absence - I've finally started cycling into work :)

Last Friday I received my set of keys to the secure Cycle Shed for staff on Campus, meaning that I have a safe location to lock Frankie in. Saturday was the day: I was going into the office and with there being no DLR running, riding in was the perfect answer. Although I've done a practice-ride to the office, this was a bit of a big deal for me, as I was doing it without the guidance of The Boy: cycling alone on the road = huge.

Left home at a reasonably early hour, so that I didn't get hooked up in any Saturday-traffic. This was a wise move as the main road that I had to take was pretty quiet - and there was a moment where I almost came off the bike, which shook me up! I'd not had an incident on it yet, so that was bound to happen at some point... and I now have my 1st cycling-related injury: a cut on one of my Knuckles - Ouch! Funny thing is, I didn't even realise my Knuckle was busted until I got into work and the adrenalin had calmed down. To be frank, I had more fear that I damaged Frankie... thankfully not.

Made it into work with no further incident and locked her up in the Cycle Shed - which looks a bit like a massive Greenhouse. There is a small gap between the door and the ground, which explains the untidy leaves & such scattered around:
No other cyclists were in work on Saturday (probably out having a fun ride I expect), so it was just Frankie alone in there. This was also the 1st time that I've left my bike unattended. Even though everything was locked and secure and I can see the Shed from my office window, I still had feelings of paranoia about leaving her. I know that a Pashley parked in there will draw attention from the other cyclists that use the sheds... I hope I can meet the other members of staff that use it at some stage too.

Anyway - other than the slight knuckle dusting I got, the ride was excellent! I was full of energy when I arrived at work, which made a change to how I usually feel. It was a million times better than getting on the DLR & put me in such a good mood. Sadly I couldn't ride into work this morning to repeat that sensation: I'm not exactly 100% well & having dizzy spells on and off, so cycling in would not have been wise for anyone! Actually sucked being on the DLR too. Fingers crossed I'll be riding in again this week...



ibikelondon said...

Great to see you getting started with riding to work, and in such style too!

I can't see from your photos what kind of lock you have, but I'd recommend you get a good quality D lock with a cable attachment, which you can then use to lock your saddle to the bike too. Anything which can come off (like the basket) you can take with you into the office.

Hope the knuckle is just a little flesh wound and won't put you off many more happy days on your beautiful bicycle!

Lady Vélo said...

Hi Mark :)

Thank you - have been looking forwards to doing this for so long!

I have an Abus Gold-cert' D-Lock on the bike, but no cable attachment, so that's something to add. The lock is though the back wheel (might be able to see it better in the 2nd pic - I have a feeling I've probably locked a loop fram incorrectly though!)

Next time I'll be taking the basket etc into the office with me. Oh no - the knuckle scrape won't put me off :)

jane said...

Welcome to the happy world of cycle commuting! Your bike is so great. I hate having to take public transport now too - at least you're on the DLR rather than the tube though hey.
I'd definitely second the recommendation to lock your bike up really securely. Someone stole the rear wheel from one of my bikes, and it isn't nearly as valuable and desirable as a Pashley.
You definitely need to lock it through the frame not just the wheel! Removing a rear wheel from a bike is -usually - pretty straightforward, although perhaps not on a Pashley. A cable is a good idea - you can thread it through the wheel(s) and the saddle too if you've got a nice Brooks like that.
Hope the dizziness wears off soon - sounds horrible.

Lady Vélo said...

@ Jane - Hello and thank you for coming to my blog :)

Yes! Cycle commuting is a million times better than Public Transport... I should be pleased that I don't have to suffer the madness of the Tube when I do have to use PT indeed!

I had a feeling that I was locking it wrong - I was puzzled with how to lock a Pashley with a low-loop frame like that! The D-Lock I have is a good one, but I'm fast realising that I need something more. That's horrid to hear that someone stole your back wheel!

The dizziness has been replaced with toothache now - having dental treatment atm, which sucks! I just want to be back on my wheels! :)

Lorenza said...

Hello! Great to hear about your first commuting adventure :) use the D-lock to lock the front frame (where you see a 'triangle', more or less where the the Pashley sticker is) if you lock through the front tube then there's no way they can get the lock through/out of the frame.

I don't have a loop cable, just my D-lock, but mine has the O-lock on the back wheel which is an extra security device. I guess you can never be too safe ;) anyhow, don't worry about damaging her, she's tough!! The more you use it the less precious she'll become (in a good way!)... she's a great, heavy bike which gives you an enjoyable ride no matter what weather or road surface you get to experience! I call her 'my little tank' lol!

PS - to me my Pashley is a she ;) I guess being named a Princess Sovereign, I couldn't go much different ;)

Have fun! x

Lady Vélo said...

Hey Lorenza :)

Thank you for the tip on where to lock her up! I had a feeling that I was doing it wrong somehow! The Classic doesn't come with the O-Lock, but that explains the 'hole' in the Skirt-Guard, as that's where it would be on a Sovereign, right?

I'm still in that over-protective stage with the Pashley, which I have to get over - lol! There is something Tank like about the build of a Pashley Princess, so I should realise how tough they are :)

Glad to see that I'm not the only one that refers to the Pashley as a "She" too... :)


chris watson said...

hey lady velo, great blog! actually how you locked it here is very good 'cos back wheel cant be removed from frame like this, check it out here - http://sheldonbrown.com/lock-strategy.html

the front wheel is much quicker to remove tho; so yeah I'd get another lock to secure front wheel and frame to bikerack, railing etc. All the best!

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