1 May 2010

Another bike!

The search for a 2nd set of Wheels has resulted in success... come next Tuesday, this Red Retro baby should be with me!

It's a vintage Raleigh Twenty & is exactly what I was hoping to find. It appears to be in fantastic condition from the further pictures on the listing for it, and has been well loved by the previous owner... Loving the colour scheme & the totally Retro vibes to it :)

I guess that I must have the 'Cycling Bug' bad, as I've not even had my Pashley for 6 months and already I've bought another set of wheels... Its permanent base will be in Portsmouth, so expect some seaside summer pictures of me on my Raleigh at some point soon!


Sox said...

That is an adorable little bike. ( I don't know if you should label a bike as adorable, but it is).
Here's to cruisin' Portsmouth!!

Julz said...

OM! I love your new baby great choice :P

jane said...

I'm so jealous! I really want one of these and the colour is retro-perfect. An ebay buy i'm guessing... great find! I need to keep a closer eye on the listings :)

Unknown said...

Yay. I totally love it. I just got myself a second set of wheels too...a vintage Raleigh racer.

Hope you have a lot of fun riding the new wheels by the sea. Sounds just perfect...


Martin Hartley said...


The Raleigh Twenty is a truly adorable little bicycle. It's such a friendly little machine, that I have managed to get several girls (whom otherwise would never go near a bicycle) to ride all around in the sports area at the back of my local Church. Something about the Twenty makes it "cute" and non-threatening.

If you want to buy a Twenty, they turn up quite regularly second-hand, and I've even got a few advertised for sale on my website:


Jan G said...

The Raleigh Twenty was my first bike. It was bought as a birthday present ( my 7th or 8th) and even with the seat at it's lowest setting it was a little bit big for me. I learned to ride on it; I passed my cycling proficiency test on it; and I spent many summers cycling all over the local neighbourhood on it. I loved it more than the Osmonds, David Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers combined!!! I finally gave it (under duress) to the daughter of my Dad's work colleague when I was in my mid-late teens as even at the saddle's highest setting it more than a bit small for me. I didn't own another bike until a few months ago when after a break of thirtysomething years I decided to take up cycling again.

I really hope that you love the Twenty as much as I did - though i'm sure you will.

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