28 June 2010

Music & Bikes

I adore this version of the song, and have done for some time. It takes on a whole new meaning when she sings it, which gets me. It's also fantastic that the video is of Meghan looking beautiful while riding that wonderful red bike.

Her style in this is simple elegance and it's amazing. This always makes me want to throw on one of my Polkadot dresses, jump on Frankie just ride around, without a care in the world. Escapism on 2 wheels is a wonderful thing - something that I need to do a lot more of... if I can look this chic while doing it, that would be a bonus :)



christina said...

i like this girly version! she's so cute and the guy running for her is hilarious!

Lady Vélo said...

@ city girl rides: It's adorable :) The guy running behind and her being so oblivous makes me smile!

'Xander Labayen said...

this just made my saturday morning.. morning coffee and singing on bicycles...i have to learn this on the ukulele and ride and sing... off to the farmers market! Cheers

Lady Vélo said...

@'Xander: Glad that this made your Saturday a bit brighter! This always cheers me up. You play the Ukulele?! How cool is that?! :)

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