5 July 2010


I love finding new things to wear to add to my Cycle-Chic wardrobe - and this T-shirt will be mine when it comes back into stock:

(Yes - it does say "Hold my bicycle while I kiss your Boyfriend")

This "Cycle-Cheek" comes from the very style focused Copenhagen Cycle Chic online shop. More designs can be found here and are certainly worth checking out. I'm sure this tee and the rest like it will turn some heads on the roads! :)


Unknown said...

Ooh I've just added two short stretchy skirts and a shed load of colourful tights to my cycling...and well...normal wardrobe...courtesy of the endless sales that seem to be on all over the place.

New clothes = happy happy awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

That t-shirt is too cute and now I think I must add it to my wishlist:)


Lady Vélo said...

@ TWT: Shopping always makes me happy - I must check out what you have bought if you have blogged it! The sales = danger for me... I've been splurging a bit too much :)

@ girlcanbike:It's too cute, isn't it?! I must have it - and you must too :)

Tyla said...

You need this classic my dear:

Lady Vélo said...

@Tyla: Oooh - I like that - a lot!!! You have this one, don't you? It's fabulous - thanks for the link! :)

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