4 August 2010

Ridin' in the Rain...

My excitement of finally being able to cycle to work again (back in my normal office after having to move out for a major refurb) is what probably caused me to neglect checking the weather report before leaving home this morning. This meant that I pulled the rookie-move of not being quite rain-proof on my Pashley! When I left it wasn't raining - then the sky collapsed over East London at lunchtime, and I knew I was gonna be a bit screwed!

Leaving the office there was not a drop of rain, so I gathered evidence in the Cycle-Shed of a dry, but unprepared Lady Vélo...

Rookie-exhibit A: Lack of waterproof jacket / poncho. The Cardigan you see me in? That's all the cover I had over the sleeveless top I was wearing.

Rookie-exhibit B: Footwear. Yeah - strappy sandals. Possibly the brightest thing in East London this afternoon for the lack of sunshine... but not exactly great foot-coverage.

About 15 minutes into my ride - along came the rain! It wasn't too bad as I was pretty close to home at this point, but that shower came down heavy and fast. I made it to my door, with a bit of a wet saddle...
... and a rainy-chic look!

 Strange thing is I actually kinda enjoyed it. Riding always puts me in a good mood, so it was hard to be pissed-off about the weather. And besides - I had to get my feathers wet in the rain at some point :)


MELI. said...

those sandals are so cool :D
lovely you!
from SF

Anne said...

You look great both leaving and arriving, though I imagine the sandals were a bit squelchy.

I'm a fan of rain riding (I have to be--I ride in Portland, a city at least as rainy as London), and my secret weapons are nothing more thrilling than a raincoat on top and skirt or trousers of fast-drying fabric. I've been caught unprepared a few times, and the worst thing to be wearing is cotton. The slap-slap of wet jeans legs all morning long in the office is pretty unpleasant.

Bicycles, Friends & Family said...

Hi! I like your sleeveless top;it's so colourful and summery!
I've been searching for a lid/cover for my Pashley basket. It'd be so handy to keep things from getting wet when it rains! Maybe Pashley will make something similar one day. I'm hoping!

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