16 January 2011

Back on track!

 I'm back on my bike!

Boy does it feel good to be back on the Saddle - it has been way too long. The tail-end of last year was a bit messy for me... I had a major bout of illness that wiped me out! There were hospital stays, copious amounts of steroids and antibiotics to take and lots bed rest which equated to a very bored and unhealthy feeling girl. Unfortunately cycling was one of the last things that I could have done, so my Pashley remained inside the house for the longest stint ever. Now that most of that is behind me, I intend on getting back into both my cycling routine and back to my take on keeping it Chic on two wheels :)

Went out for an afternoon ride with The Boy, which is another element of my cycling that I've missed so much. The weather wasn't the greatest today, so we kept it local just in case we got caught out badly by the black clouds above that would not go away! I just felt alive again being back in the open on my bike, with no restrictions. It was so good feel that way again - was worried that I'd actually forget how to ride... haha!

Anyway - I managed to throw together a bit of Cycle-Chic for the day, which went like this:

Cat-Eye Glasses: Christian Dior
Jacket: GAP
3-D Glasses Brooch: Tatty Devine
Fingerless Gloves: N.Peal Cashmere
Ring: MADE Jewellery
Tartan Shirt, Jeans and Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Vintage Gucci

Apologies to those who have been checking in on my blog and finding a total lack of updates... and to the blogs that I need to check in on again, I'll be having a look! 

It feels good to be back :) 



Unknown said...

Welcome back. Sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you are all better now.

Cashmere gloves and cycling? The last time I wore nice gloves cycling they ended up damaged beyond repair after a few weeks!

The weather really needs to sort itself out and dry up.


Dottie said...

So happy that you're back and healthy. You were missed!

Lady Vélo said...

@ TWT: Thank you! The illness was horrid, so it's nice to feel normal again! Yeah - Cashmere and Cycling - lol! somehow I've managed not to destroy the gloves :) The weather is messing around with us at the moment :)

@ Dottie: Thank you very much! It's nice to know I've been missed - I feel like such a bad blogger / cyclist after all of this absence! :)

Grobelaar said...

loving the new look for the blog, it works really well. I enjoy our new year ride, roll on more illustrious destinations... :)

Lady Vélo said...

@ Grobs: Thank you - I realised that the blog needed a change, as it was far too busy... I like this simple look! I enjoyed our New Year ride too - was so good to cycle with you again Sir! Oh, don't you worry - I'm planning more rides for us soon! :)

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