20 January 2011

Music & Bikes

So this track has been out for a while but this is another music video with Bikes that really makes me smile... and is also mentally gearing me up for Summer in the city on Frankie. Roll on the hazy days, balmy evenings & free flowing clothing... I can't wait!

The Bike Song
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Anonymous said...

Like the new blog look :D x

Unknown said...

That video makes me smile too (although the sight of Mark Ronson's hair makes me cringe a little every time).

Cannot wait for summer either. Bored of the cold, rain, dark/dull days.
Fed up of cycling in the dark.


Lady Vélo said...

@ NCM: Thanks! it was time for a change on here - I like the simplicity of black and white... and the bike wheels! :) x

@ TWT: LOL about the hair! But yes, this video raises a smile every time... I love the look of the girls in this :)

I'm longing for the Summer / longer days. Even when not on a bike, the dark evenings are not that great... we need sunshine! x

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