28 February 2011

The dash for Tweed...

I got a place on The Tweed Run 2011 :)

Registration for it was an intense affair and the places went faster than I could have imagined. I knew that it was going to be busy - but I had no idea how fast it would go.

I'd managed to register by 11:57 & had a bit of a tweet about it after...

... and then by 12:03...

The Q&A Post on Registration that Tweed Run did earlier in the week said something about being on the page a "bit before noon" for registration. When I loaded up the site at about 9a.m (I had to be up early on Saturday morning for something else anyway) I saw a message saying it would be open at 11:55... so the early morning plans I had got a bit sidetracked by me being glued to my Mac from 11:45 & hitting Refresh... a lot. Within the 2 minute window of getting registered, I was given Rider #91 & The Boy (who also got a place roughly at the same time as me) was Rider #134.

The Tweed Run team quickly gave an understandable explanation and very sincere apology as to why registration had to open a tad earlier than Noon. It seems that next year, a lottery-system might be used, which gives an idea of how popular the Tweed Run is becoming.

I can't deny I'm thrilled and feel very lucky that I managed to get a place for this... looking forwards to meeting new faces on the day & hopefully meeting Bloggers / Tweeters who I "know" that are coming along too... x


Lisa said...

Oh I wish I was in London for this!! I was just writing about it the other day on my blog. I wont be moving to London until September but hopefully next year I can participate!

Lady Vélo said...

Hi Lisa :)

I saw on your blog about wanting to do the Tweed Run - fingers crossed next year when you are living here you will be taking part! Congrats on moving to London too - I suspect you will love this City :)

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