22 February 2011

Tweed Hopes...

Image from Tweed Run

Tweed Run 2011 is coming... and I want to be a part of it!

The 3rd annual Tweed Run is happening in London on the 9th April 2011 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that me and my Pashley will be there. The coverage & pictures of it last year (thanks to the Tweed Run site and bloggers such as ibikelondon) looked fantastic & convinced me that I'd take part in the next one.

Registration is £5 and opens at midday on Saturday 26th Feb (this weekend) - and all proceeds go to bikes4Africa! I know that places go pretty fast... so that will be me glued to my MacBook in the morning :)

I'm already sourcing out Tweed for the occasion so that I'm prepared (and it's a fabulous excuse to add to the wardrobe too!) Any other Cyclists going to try for a place? Lemme know if you are!

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