15 February 2011

My kind of Cycling Shoes...

These new and very blue Brogues arrived today - and they were only £10 from the Office Outlet shop on eBay - bargain or what?! I ordered these knowing that at some point soon I would be riding in them.

Now, some people may say that they are not very practical cycling shoes at all: the main material is Suede, the laces are made of Ribbon and they hardly have any grip on the soles (they're rather polished underneath)... but I reckon that with these shoes, I'm adhering to Point 2 of the fantastic Cycle Chic Manifesto:
"I embrace my responsibility to contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape"
... surely seeing such blue-beauties gliding past on a Pashley would brighten up any landscape in London, right? :)


Unknown said...

They are lovely...and a total bargain!
I want new shoes now (must control self...)...


Lady Vélo said...

Thank you! I love how blue they are, and the Ribbon-for-Laces is quite cute :) That Outlet is a bargain finders dream - especially as it's Office Shoes...!

If you must get new shoes, defo check there 1st... :)

becksldrt said...

absolutely! and who needs grip anyway ; )

Lady Vélo said...

@becksldrt :)I suspect I won't be speed-cycling any time soon, so these shoes will do just fine - lol! :)

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