17 April 2011

Cycle Cafe Joy...

I finally (sans bike) visited Look Mum No Hands today. Shameful as I've had my Pashley for a year & I don't live that far away from LMNH at all! Headed there for lunch with my lovely friend Amy as we both were long overdue checking the place out... and it's fantastic!

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how lovely the vibe is in there: friendly staff, friendly fellow cyclists and some of the nicest pies I've tasted in a long time...

Another visit is already being planned, and I intend on spending some hazy summery days there after a cycle around the city. Silly me for not checking it out sooner, but glad to find out what I was missing! Perhaps I'll catch you in there in the summer? :)


Unknown said...

I keep meaning to go and have yet to actually make it there.
They also have a knitting day thing once a month I think.

Looks good though. :)

Lady Vélo said...

A knitting day? I didn't know that! My Mum is doing some serious Crochet at the moment - always makes me wish I had the skill to take it up!

LMNH is fantastic - you must get there when you have the chance.. and I must go back. One day I could see you there? Who knows! x

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