19 April 2011

Playsuits for Pedal Pushing...

It's fairly safe to say that Summer is creeping in - which has me thinking about a Summer Cycle Wardrobe...

Playsuits will feature heavily this year. I became a fan of them after falling head over handlebars for this Chloé one I bought in 2009:
Other than trying it on in that picture, I've yet to wear it outside my house, which is a total disservice to how pretty & colourful it is! It should be fantastic to ride in: light material, not clingy and very breezy.

I have 2 other Playsuits (bought last year) but I've been eyeing up the selection Topshop currently has on offer. These ones are definitely on the shopping list:

Love the cut of this one & the pattern so much

I've not worn anything like these since I was a kid, so surprised that I like them. Reckon these ones would look wicked when I'm riding on my Raleigh 20 - fits the era nicely!

If you're not super comfortable cycling in a short skirt (I've still not done that yet), I suspect the Playsuit makes for a good alternative: you still have the freedom of getting your legs out in the sunshine, they look easy to cycle in & you can hide your modesty at the same time!

Do you have any Summer Cycle Wardrobe plans or tips?


Unknown said...

My only fear with playsuits...the obvious going to the toilet situation.

I mostly cycle in short skirts and dresses. Modesty is usually not a problem during winter and my tights are nice and thick and more like leggings.
But for summer a pair of shorts under the skirt or dress is a good idea (maybe I need to put my own advice into practice)!

Summer is here for sure though...good times. :)

Unknown said...

I can't believe you OWN the top one and have yet to wear it outside! Get it together, girl!

Lady Vélo said...

@ TWT: I've been out in Playsuits before & have no issue with the "toilet situation" - but they have been unfussy suits to get out of which is good! I'll give the shorts under the skirt thing a go, but I have some skrirts that I *KNOW* shoudn't be cycled in! :)

@ Julie: I KNOW!!! I've been bad on that front and will rectify that this summer!!!! :)

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