7 April 2011

Ready for the Run...

I finally have my outfit together for the Tweed Run!

The Shoes and the Bag were the last items needed to complete it... almost had a breakdown at work today as the delivery didn't show up until 16:00 - and our Post Room closes at 16:30!

Just a quick iPhone picture of it - there will of course be proper pictures and details (including accessories) on the day, but this is a taster of it :)

Again, if anyone wants to meet / say "hello" on Saturday, drop me a message on Twitter (@ladyvelo82) or email me using the link on the blog... see you on Saturday... Pip Pip! :) 

1 comment

Nicola said...

I predict that the Tweed Run is going to be fun and amazing, and you're going to look great! I can't wait to see pictures.

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