23 May 2011

Bikes and Coffee...

There is a wonderful relationship between Cycling and Coffee. This is something that makes me rather happy... especially when it's a combination of beautiful bikes and a beautiful brew :)

I attended the first CoffeeSaturday Pop-Up event at Prufrock Coffee last weekend, with The Boy*.

We didn't cycle there, as I was still slightly under the weather & he needed to get his Speculoos for the Bake-Off there in one piece! However, in between sampling all the biscuits and drinking lovely coffee throughout the day, I did manage to do a lot of Bicycle spotting:

in the window of Prufrock Coffee

locked-up on Leather Lane

on Hatton Garden with a helmet

Gorgeous Guv'nor in St John's Square

All of these two-wheeled beauties were either inside of or very close to coffee houses - something tells me I'll be seeing a lot more of this on my Coffee / Cycling date this weekend!

*Yes - "The Boy" finally has his blog up and running... do go and have a look :) 


tog_girl said...

you are making me think about getting some old bike now... excellent bike spotting :)

Angela said...

Such inspiration to get a bike too! Though I don't live in Central London, but I still love the old bikes. So classic and gorgeous :)

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