17 May 2011

Devine Intervention...

Now, I'm guessing most of you may have realised I am a massive Tatty Devine fan & have been collecting their pieces for a while. Their beautiful jewellery features very heavily in my style & pops up frequently in my "Bike Wardrobe Remixing" posts. So, it's an absolute pleasure (whilst squealing like an overexcited Seal Pup) to announce that Tatty Devine named me their "Customer of the Month" for May!

I was absolutely over the moon when I received an email last week from the lovely Sonja at Tatty Devine to say that I had been chosen. It was a total joy to answer the questions, and a challenge to myself to keep my lips sealed until it was official :)

To know that Tatty Devine has been reading and like Vélo-City-Girl is a total honour - not just for me personally as a fan, but for the Blog & the message of riding in style. I've only been Cycling & Blogging for just over a year, so to have one of your biggest fashion inspirations recognise the Blog and its theme is absolutely fantastic. This feels like wonderful exposure for keeping it chic on 2 wheels, and hopefully inspiration for more of us to do it!

Anyway - you can read the full interview and see pictures (including my ever growing collection) on the Tatty Devine Blog, so PLEASE check it out... and be sure to peroooze the jewellery also:

Once again, thank you so much Ladies... expect to see more Lady Vélo in Tatty Devine for sure! x


Tatty Devine said...

Thank you for being our Customer of the Month, Jools! We heart your style.
Tatty Devine

char said...

congratulations :)

Lady Vélo said...

@ Tatty Devine: Thank you Ladies! Still smiling about my "thank you" gift today :) Look out for its debut soon... xx

@dinoprincesschar: Thank you lovely! x

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