19 May 2011

Prehistoric Pleasure...

Yesterday morning took a very happy turn (I have a rotten Cold & Asthma issues at the moment) when the Post Man knocked on my Door. I wasn't expecting a delivery on Wednesday, but those girls at Tatty Devine are pretty fast indeed...

 This is my awesome "thank you" present for being Customer of the Month!
I've wanted this Dinosaur Necklace for ages, so thank you very much TD for asking - amazed I got it :)
Expect to see the debut of Dina the Dino on my Pashley soon.

And I have to say, this made me smile when I saw it on Wednesday afternoon:

Front Page joy for the Pashley & Cycling in style... huzzah!


char said...

congratulations :)

Lady Vélo said...

Thank you darling! x

My First Allotment said...

That necklace is brilliant and congratulations. :)

Barbara Malewicz said...

God you're so lucky !! That's my favourite piece of jewelry actually, but can't afford it ! :'(

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