8 May 2011

Two-wheeled beauty...

Sometimes, there is nothing better than seeing a beauty on a bike.

Spotted her on Shoreditch High Street, waiting at the Traffic Lights. I loved her gorgeous Pashley and relaxed outfit. Also loved the shopping poking out the top of the basket - always a nice touch.

There were a lot of chic girls on pretty bikes around Shoreditch yesterday - a lot of whom I've taken some fashion inspiration from... so thanks Ladies... keep it gorgeous, innit? :) 


Unknown said...

...And a helmet! Wow!

BlueBicycleGirl said...

Nice pic ! Sadly there's only teenagers on bmx's round here or Lycra-clad blokes on mtb. So no photo opportunies !

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your photos.

Shame I never look that fab on my bike.

decarola said...

"there is nothing better than seeing a beauty on a bike"
I agree from Italy (You should come over and ride over the sunshine!)


decarola said...

"Sometimes, there is nothing better than seeing a beauty on a bike."

Your tweed friend agree from Italy!


Lady Vélo said...

@Julie: Indeed - it looks good! :)

@debbie13b: Thanks!

@The Woolen Typist: Thank you so much. I refuse to believe you do not look fabulous on your bike x

@decarola: Andrea! Hello Sir - so nice to see you on here! I will HAVE to come to Italy and ride in the sunshine & see you! x

Barbara Malewicz said...

Just discovering your blog, thanks to Tatty devine!
Actually, I'm working for them right now, in the jewelry making :)

I'm here for 4 months, and I was wondering where you could get a bike for cheap, or where you could rent a bike ?

Lady Vélo said...

Hi Barbara!

Thank you for coming to my blog, via the Tatty Devine piece! How fantastic that you're working for TD too - how I would love to experience that!

Cycling in London is fantastic: it's surely the nicest way to get around this City! If you were thinking of renting a bike, have you looked into the "Boris Bikes" (the Barclays Hire Bikes) which are ideal for quick rides around London.

If you were to buy a bike - which style are you interested in?

Barbara Malewicz said...

Thing is i would like to have a bike for 2 months, from home to my work place so the Barclays Hire Bikes would not be exactly what I need ..
I would like to buy one for cheap, no matter the style, the cheaper I can, the idea is to save some money, compared to the expensive price of transports in London :)

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