20 June 2011

Brighton Bikes...

Got back home today from a lovely long weekend in Brighton. The trip wasn't cycling based, but that didn't stop me from noticing Bikes around town. I spotted another example of Bikes & Advertising together in the shop window of Hunted:
With it being Menswear there wasn't much shopping I could do, but their display made me smile all the same.

I'd like to go back to Brighton and see some of it by bike. There were plenty of people on two wheels and taking advantage of the cycle route along the seafront... I imagine that must be lovely in the sunshine (the weather was not kind over the weekend), so doing that is on my list of places to ride...

... also, massive "Well Done!" to the cyclists who did the London to Brighton ride on Sunday - in that weather, I really do take my hat off to you all :) 

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