3 June 2011

Coffee | Cycle | Saturday

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Last weekend saw the 1st CoffeeCycleSaturday Ride: saddle up on a Saturday, have a brew at some of the best Coffee Houses in town and enjoy the ride & anything that happens along the way. The Boy planned the route, marking off the Coffee Stops for the day. We set off early and cycled towards Bermondsey. There was a slight delay getting there, thanks to Tower Bridge doing this...
I'd never seen this in action before, even though I've lived in London all my life! I have to be a geek and admit that this was pretty cool to watch. Bridge down, we made it south of the river and met Simon for our first stop: Maltby Street for St John Doughnuts and Monmouth Coffee...
Safe to assume the verdict is "GOOD" from these expressions :)

Caffeine & Custard munched, we moved on cycling through an almost silent City of London. I absolutely love the City when it's like that: hardly anyone around, the chance to cruise on the bike & quiet roads...
... quiet enough for me to lay flat on my back under the Gherkin to take this.

Shoreditch was next on the Run: Nude Espresso. This was a new place for us, but from the moment we pulled up I had a good feeling about the place...
 Seal of approval has been given to the Flat White here for sure.

So, I was in Shoreditch and doing rather well in resisting the temptation to urge the fellas to take a detour from what I thought was the plotted path. Turns out The Boy had included a sweet & sneaky stop on the map for me. The Mega Sale was on. I'd already done a bumper shopping session online on Friday when it launched. But it would have been rude not to go in, right...? 
It was absolutely lovely to pop into Tatty Devine and finally meet the ladies :)
And yes, more shopping happened!

A mention for the Bike Outfit for the day:
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood
T-Shirt: New Breed Girl @Topshop
Necklace: Tatty Devine (from my collection, innit)
Jeans: Diesel
Trainers: Converse
Handbag (in the Basket) - Longchamp

Laden with pretty shiny things in my Basket, our wheels rolled on. 

Being powered by more Coffee than food, brunch needed to happen. Broadway Market & London Fields was the next destination - a busy place on a Saturday, but ideal for bike spotting and a tasty Croque-Monsieur too...

After relaxing on the grass, it was back on the Saddle again for the final Coffee stop, at a place that is becoming a firm favourite when out and about in East London... Prufrock at Present:
Three Feet and a Flat White.

CoffeeCycleSaturday's are certainly fun - and of course there is no chance of you feeling tired when you're knocking back the beans! Another of these rides needs to happen soon methinks.


tog_girl said...

Happy times. Could I be included in the next coffee outing even though I don't drink coffee, please? :)

Tatty Devine said...

Love that pic of the gherkin! And how sweet is your boy for secretly making us part of the journey - thank you so much for popping in x

Lady Vélo said...

@ tog_girl - of course! You need to be there for the next one... we'll get you some tea instead, innit? ;)

Lady Vélo said...

@Tatty Devine - Thank you! I can't believe I was laying flat in the middle of the road to take it! Yeah - he's a good Boy that one! Was lovely to come and see you & pick up MOAR goodies! x

char said...

sounds like a lovely day out :)

Lady Vélo said...

@dinoprincesschar - it really was :) Sometimes there is nothing better than seeing the city or anywhere by bike... with coffee ;) x

Angela said...

What a great day out you had! I love the photos :)

Are you using a camera or a camera phone with filters?face

Lady Vélo said...

@Angela - Thank you! It was such an ace day. The photos are all done using Instagram on my iPhone... I swear it's the best photo app ever :)

Ben said...

Surely a great day out! I was in London in January and had hoped to rent a bike, but alas, this didn't pan out.

Lion-ess said...

something for me to do when I get my bike.
Sounds divine and tasty!

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