20 July 2011

Leggy Fashion...

The British Summer appears to be doing that "rainy" thing again... there I am itching to be cycling in Summer garms, yet the weather is not complying with my desire... g'ah.

A small ray of sunshine came my way when this arrived...
It's another Lanvin for H&M t-shirt (apparently you can wear it as a dress). I missed out on getting this in the madness of the launch, but picked up this brand new one on eBay... AND I didn't pay over the odds for it either! I love the idea of cycling in this, so perhaps when the weather sorts itself out I can.

I do wonder of the Tutu frilling at the top will blow back in my face and annoy me. Only one way to find out I guess... :)


Unknown said...

Awesome t-shirt...just not sure about the dress bit. Could be possible with thick leggings though.

Oh I wish the weather would revert back to summer again.


char said...

i loved this tshirt but just wasn't quick enough when it was launched, you'll look fab! :)

Haute World said...

This was my favorite of the collection! I missed out on it too though. I need to start scouring eBay as well. A shame about the weather, but this would definitely brighten my day too. Greetings from a fellow East Londoner (and Instagrammer). :)

Lady Vélo said...

@ The Woollen Typist: Thank you! T-shirts are a bit of a passion of mine, and I had to have this one. Yeah - agreed in regards to the dress element of it - will be teaming this with leggings or Denim Shorts.I'm quite close to giving up on summer! ;)

@dinoprincesschar:It was madness when this collection was launched! Glad that I found this one on eBay and didn't pay through my nose for it! Awww - thank you! I hope I can do it justice! :)

@Haute World: I recognised your name as soon as it came up on here - hello fellow Instagrammer! I didn't know you were in East London too! Do have a scour on eBay, and of course avoid any that are blatent fakes and those who are doing "BIN" for STUPID amounts of money!!! Can only hope the weather gets better... it's been misery in East London for too long! :)

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