4 July 2011

Rack and Rescue...

A year and a bit later, Frankie is getting some upgrades to her frame. Last week I started hunting for a Pletscher Rack for my Pashley. It was time to get the rear sorted so I could get Pannier bags to carry more stuff easily.
As she's a Princess Classic, she didn't come with a Rack as standard. Yes, it was probably a bit slack of me not to have sorted out more storage earlier, but the big Basket was doing a fabulous job of carrying everything... well, up to a point.

Throughout the week, it started to turn into a mission to find the black Pletscher Athlete I was after. I'd found a couple of websites selling them, but delivery would be an issue as I needed to have it by Friday at the latest. Checked in with a few bike shops, but they didn't stock them... and then Velorution stepped in to the rescue :)  I got a message on Thursday from them via Twitter, telling me they had one in stock which was excellent news as I could pick it up Friday evening!
I knew that when I arrived, I wouldn't just walk in, get my Rack and leave: one of the windows has a sign which reads "Not just the sexiest bikes in London..." and this is very true. Not only do they have some of the most beautiful bikes in stock (including a Pedersen that I was so tempted to get on) there are also some fabulous cycling accessories to choose from, and a very helpful & friendly team on hand.

It was lovely to finally meet Andrea, who I had a lovely chat with about my Pashley, blogging & other bike related matters :) In between chatting and admiring the bikes on show, my eye was caught by this fantastic looking front basket:
... details are not yet showing on their Website, but I must get further information about this - would be brilliant to give it a test on my bike in London - a garden on wheels :)

The Rack was perfect & is now pride of place on the back of Frankie:

Massive thanks to Andrea and the team at Velorution for your help in getting the Pletscher sorted out for me. There is a fabulous new Pannier bag which now graces the back of the bike... more on that coming up soon.


Unknown said...

I'm getting Kate Middleton (the bicycle) a new rear rack this week. Friday after work I visited THREE SHOPS in NYC and no one had a silver/chrome rack! I'm going to have to order online.

We need all the storage opps we can get!

Unknown said...

Ah...I really want to try a Pedersen...but they didn't have one in my size the last time I went there. They had ones for massively tall people.

It's difficult to come out of Velorution empty handed! :)

tog_girl said...

Why Friday? What were you up to at the weekend?

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