17 August 2011

A meeting of (Bike)Minded Cyclists...

It's always rather nice when like-minded cyclists come together, and because of that some exciting things are in the pipeline here at Vélo-City-Girl... I'm currently working with Bikeminded on a fabulous new project!

Bikeminded is a fantastic campaign by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It's a cycling resource for residents and aims to encourage more residents of the Borough to get on two wheels and experience more of the area (a brilliant example of this being their recently launched 'Bike Heros' project).

I cycled to Nude Espresso on Hanbury Street to meet-up with the lovely Kathryn of Bikeminded a couple of weeks ago to discuss ideas for the project, which I'm very excited to say will include some of VCG's favourite things: Cycling, Coffee, Cakes and a touch of fashion. 

I must say, as soon as I saw Kathryn arrive on that amazing Electra Bike I was blown away by how stylish she is... and I'm sure you'll agree!

Over a lovely sweet Pancake Lunch and some delicious flat whites (thanks Nude Espresso!) we were both bouncing ideas off one another and noting everything down! 

(these were amazing...)

The ideas that we came up with have filled me with utter excitement and already things are in motion for later this year. More details will follow in due course so keep your eyes on VCG for more news and of course over on Bikeminded, who can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


tog_girl said...

Yay! So excited for you girl!

Barbara Malewicz said...

the yellow bike is marvellous!
totally in love !


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