15 November 2011

Studio Fleuriot: The launch party...

Last weekend I attended the launch party to celebrate the opening of Studio Fleuriot. A Friday evening of Bellini's, Cupcakes and Cycling Fashion on the agenda, it was guaranteed to be a fabulous event...

On a mission to create imaginative, high-quality clothing & accessories for women who love cycling, it was fantastic news to hear Amy Fleuriot, the woman behind Cyclodelic had acquired her first studio and retail space!
Amy and her team initially worked from her home in Hackney, and now with the addition of her studio based on Columbia Road, they are even more central to the buzzing hub of the East-End Cycling Scene. As Amy has said of the area, Hackney has "so many fantastic looking women on bikes" making the area a fantastic "wealth of inspiration"...

Studio Fleuriot is in the heart of Columbia Road: having seen how many people cycle along that route, it's sure to grab the attention of many style-minded riders.

I think the space itself is reflective of its owner and brand: quirky, stylish and very unique. Will real Silver Birch wood on the walls (provided by Amy's father), along with other fun additions, there is a real personal and natural touch to the surroundings.

The Sewing Machines and jars of Findings & Fastenings around the room are nice touch, giving you the chance to see the work stations of Amy and the Studio Fleuriout team. From the beginnings of the design, through to how they are made and are then ready to buy, it should prove to be an interesting shopping experience and insight for fans of Cyclodelic clothing and those coming to it for the 1st time.

It was an absolute joy to see Amy again, especially in her new surroundings in such a brilliant location! I'll be returning to Studio Flueriot again soon - in the meantime Amy, good luck with your new space!

*Many thanks to The Boy for providing the photography for this blog post!

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