19 January 2012

Spring in my step...

Spring-time Cycling in London may seem like a distant dream at the moment, but there is no harm in getting ready for it starting now. Besides, January is the best time to pick up some serious fashion bargains - especially if you're not a slave to 'Seasons' & like me, will happily wear clothing and accessories that make you feel good, no matter when they came out.

My 1st piece of bargain hunting came via of one of my favourite online shopping haunts, Net-A-Porter...
You can't beat the feeling of glamour when one of their big black boxes turns up, right?
The joy in the box - Swedish Hasbeens!

Even though I don't "do" Heels on a regular basis, I've wanted a pair of these for ages. They went in the NAP sale, reduced to £48 - I HAD TO!!!
With wooden 4.1 inch high heels and 1.2 inch high platforms, they actually make for a comfortable shoe. Granted, I've been walking around my house in them to break them in, but I plan on doing some cycling in these too!

Look out for them on the Pashley when the weather changes... I can't wait.


ME said...

OH MY GOSH. My heart skips a beat (or three) when i see a NAP box. What a great purchase...i LOVE the colour.


Teen Dreams said...

beautiful shoes, the colour is so versatile and will go with many outfits!

Wow, talk about presentation, that box is brilliant!

tog_girl said...

Cycling in heels?! You're taking things to another level :)

Lady Vélo said...

@ THE SMILE IS FAKE: Glad you understand the feeling of the NAP Box! I'm really pleased with the Hasbeens :)

@ Teen Dreams: I'm aiming to mix and match them with as many outfits as possible! The box is fantastic - now being used to store accessories in ;)

@ tog_girl: Haha! I donned heels for the last Tweed Run I did in the autumn - it was surprisingly comfy - you gotta try it! ;)

Pukka Paki said...

Love them and adore NAP boxes the excitement when the lovely man rings the bell and u work ur way thru the black ribbon.. Oh the excitement. What a steal these shoes were!

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