8 March 2012

Fashion Thursday: Madness of Marni...

You know what I'm like when it comes to bold accessories: you can never have too many in your life... so when the Marni at H&M collaboration was announced, I was more than interested to see if their jewellery range would live up to the true Marni standard.

Those chunky bracelets, big statement necklaces, ribbons, wood, beads & acrylic magic... it was all there. The preview confirmed the capsule collection was gorgeous; and at a more affordable price, I had to have some of it. As I've been planning out my Spring Cycling wardrobe already (which consists of me spying random items I love and mixing them up with what I already have), throwing in some of the bobby-dazzlers from Marni would be perfect... the fact I could already see them going well with the black of the Pashley and catching the glimmer of the sun as I cycled through the city was indication enough of how much these were a "WANT".

Then came the Madness: actually getting hold of it. At home in my Sick Bed (yet again) there was no way I was going to make it to the store - even if I was in the rudest of health and could have cycled to one, it was not happening. The only thing for it was to go online. Having to be awake early anyway for a Docs appointment, I set my alarm to be up in time for the launch... well, I was up an hour before to make sure I could get online. Sat up in bed, MacBook Pro on lap and Lemsip in hand, I logged into my account... and waited. Everything was running smoothly - the connection hadn't fallen over & just as it hit 9am the store opened... I clicked and got THIS:
It didn't matter where you were, an orderly queue was to be formed. I had no idea that it was even possible to queue online! As I waited patiently* at my screen, I read through tweets of other MarniMadhatters like myself, some who had already swooped in and got theirs in store; the lovely @MsGolightly over in Rome who I bet queued in style & two new cycling friends on twitter @loisdesigns and @Kristy_Kristy who were first in the queue of their local H&M!

I have to admit, the idea of queueing to get onto a website was a tad ridiculous, but I carried on waiting anyway, while trying not to fall asleep under the heaviness of this rotten Cold. An hour and a half later (yes, I know!) and I was in. It was straight to the accessories and nothing else... and by the power of Paracetamol and a strong Index Finger, I got what I was after!

I'm over the moon with getting what I was after, but the pandemonium that came with it was insane. I take my hat off to those who actually did the proper queueing thing outside... now, I need to crawl back under my duvet, shake off this Cold and await delivery of my Marni.

*refreshing like a lunatic ;) 


Barbara said...

Glad you got the pieces you coveted,the earrings are beyond expectations,you'll see! And thanks for mentioning me,although not sure about the whole "queueing in style" thing... My style was mostly a head to toe Uniqlo heattech outfit! I need some hours sleep to go back to my usual glittery self! ;)

Pashley Queen said...

I'm so incredibly jealous! Stupid work got in the way and by the time i got online, my bag was sold out :( Your goodies look amazing - Enjoy!

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