3 April 2012

Rolling in the Spring...

The sun came out to play last Sunday.
We had a lazy morning.
Then decided to head out and roll with the sunshine.

The Boy rode in Red.
This Lady rode in ice cream ripple colours.

Lillies were out on the Pond.
Boy being... well, a 'boy' on his bike.

A slow cycle home in the evening light.
Finished with a Gingery delight.

London in the Spring on our bikes.
Welcome back.


Pashley Queen said...

Looks like you had a great day! Love cycling in the spring. I so wish I could get my bottom go cycling with me. I'm working on him though. X

Andrea said...

I was along there on Sunday on my Pashley too! Had an amzing day xx

Soupiel said...

Lovely whimsical post. Made me smile. Thanks.

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