26 May 2012

A Present from Pashley...

At the recent Tweed Run, The Boy and I were having a light-hearted lament about the Princess Classic (my model of Pashley) not coming with a Propstand as standard. This came about as we were trying to prop-up Frankie with an impromptu stand (a heavy twig!) before heading off for the group photo - but with little success. Overhearing our discussion & watching us battle with the bike, a very kind Gentleman came over and offered to park my Pashley alongside his against a tree.
 "We really must sort out a Kickstand for you", he said looking at Frankie...
I didn't think anything of this at 1st... and then after a little chat about it all he introduced himself to me: Adrian Williams, MD of Pashley Cycles!    
 Adrian presenting a Pashley Saddle Bag prize at the end of the Tweed Run
Photo courtesy of Ian (The Boy) James

To say I was stunned would be a total understatement! It was a pleasure to meet Adrian, along with John who works with him at Pashley. This meant a lot to me - it almost goes without saying! Of course, it was also wonderful that they didn't take our lamenting about the lack of Kickstand on the Classic as an insult, but as "something to consider".

We exchanged details & both he and John offered to send me a stand for Frankie... and true to their word, a wonderful present arrived in the post this week...
isn't the stamp on the envelope the cutest thing?

Determined to sort it out this weekend, I wanted to attach the Pletscher to my frame - and I'm pleased to say I did it!

I'm sure to some this seems like a piece of cake (and it was very straight-forward attaching it), but this is the 1st time I've done a bit of DIY on my bike - and I'm chuffed with it! Tightened, in place and on without incident, this was a bit of a proud moment for me.
Frankie looks wonderful standing on her own at last... wouldn't you agree? 

Thank you very much Adrian and John for the lovely gift... we love it, a lot! x


Trisha said...

Great story! And kudos for you on the DIY. :)

cheeky rose said...

Thats what I call customer service

Amy said...

Wow, good for him sending you the stand! I actually took it off of my Pashley, and replaced it with a double leg stand. I was afraid a cat might knock it over with just the single leg stand! :) Bravo on the DIY!

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