18 July 2012

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012...


Well, ring my bell...  this Monday I found out VCG made the final shortlist for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! Vélo-City-Girl is up for Best Lifestyle blog... and I owe every single reader / follower a massive "thank you" for nominating me! Running VCG is an absolute pleasure, and it's fantastic to know that it has struck a chord with so many people... and of course brilliant to see Cycling & Fashion (and everything that happens in between on my bike) is being picked-up on a wider scale.

There are some familiar & fabulous blogs who have been nominated in other categories, including Anna of South Moulton St Style (please check her out and give her a vote in the New Fashion Blog category) - so do have a look through all the categories! 

Now, although being shortlisted is a huge achievement, it would be amazing to win the category AND represent for Cycling as a lifestyle option that's enjoyable & fun! So, I'd be over the moon if you would vote for Vélo-City-Girl! You can vote by clicking on the button above or on the right-hand side of the blog... every vote counts, and there is no way I could have done this without the love and support of all of you out there!

Thanks once again for nominating me... lets pedal VCG along further with some votes! x

Massive thank-you to Filip Milovac for the video! 


jim loughton said...

Well done

Lady Vélo said...

@Jim: Thanks Sir x

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