11 July 2012

Pink Lady...

It's rather hard to believe it's Summer in the UK at the moment. Torrential rain, dark skies and wearing wellies in July? I think we've been robbed of the sunshine for long enough! Something that has injected some rays of light into my world is the colour Pink. Now, I'm not usually a pink girl, but thanks to the Cambridge Satchel Company releasing their limited edition 'Pastel' range of bags, I was inspired to put together a fuchsia-fashion mix (yes, a handbag can set off a whole new outfit for me) which I reckon would look damned ace on the Pashley...or any bicycle for that matter...

  • Levi's Demi Curve Ankle Jeans: I've been converted to their 'Curve ID' range since developing muscular thighs and a rounder bum since taking up cycling. Sadly my trusty Baxter jeans from Topshop were no longer cutting it for my cycling-shape (note to Topshop - a bit more room in the thighs would be nice, thanks) - and these jeans with a decent amount of stretch-elastic in them are a godsend.
  • Converse All Stars: You can not go wrong with a pair of Chucks! Seriously comfy classics that are also a joy to cycle in... rain or shine these work.
  • Frida Khalo Brooch by Tatty Devine: Fearless Frida... feminist icon and a floral fancy. Made by the fancy-fillies at Tatty Devine... Yep - that's a whole lotta F's there. It's a pretty brooch & will look good teamed with almost anything. Investment.
  • Essie nail colour in 'Super bossa nova': this will certainly look bright against your handle-grips! Essie make some pretty durable colours, so should last the distance when you're on your bike.
  • Pink Ray-Bans: I love how summery this colour is. The Wayferer will never go out of style (I swear by my tortoiseshell ones) and these ones will certainly inject some colour on your face!
  • Rose-Pink Satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Company: The bag that set this whole thing off. I've been a long-time fan of the CamSatchCo - even though I have a vast amount of handbags (anyone who knows me can vouch for this), my 13" brown satchel rarely leaves my side. Incredibly study and well crafted bags, they last the distance & can cope being bashed about on a bike ride.  Their limited edition 'Pastel' collection is ridiculously pretty and this pink one is calling my name...

Hope this has injected a bit of sunshine into your day... Lady V x



Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I adore that Frida brooch! Wish it was a bit cheaper though.

Very nice collection!


Jess said...

Since I started riding my bike more, I've noticed my biggest problem with jeans is that they wear out in the seat so quickly.

Unknown said...

This is amazing, the trousers are so nice! I'm sick of the weather too, some sun would be lovely please! xx


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