21 August 2012

Montage of a Month...

August is always a busy month for me with the day-job (it's now Clearing time in the UK University I work for in case you were wondering... it eats all my time), but its gotten rather hectic for all things VCG too. I've been unable to blog until now as I'm playing MAJOR catch-up with plenty of bike-related matters at the moment... but believe me, I'm not complaining! Anything to do with bikes makes me happy...

There has been more work with The Cycle Show on ITV4: it has been an absolute blast working with the team on there for the past few weeks and meeting a wide variety of cyclists along the way. Recently recording away from LMNH for a commuter piece was a cycling-buzz. Frankie was hooked up with a number of Go-Pro cams & mics as I cycled along the Regents Canal from Lock 7 in Hackney to Soho. Meeting up with multi-talented sports journalist, presenter and a man who knows more than a thing or two about cycling - Ned Boulting - was bloody fantastic to put it mildly!

The Boy has also been busy with bike business, doing a photo-shoot for Milk Bikes! After meeting at the Vulpine Summer Fete earlier this year, Ian was asked to do some shots for them. Accompanying him for the day in Chelmsford where MB is based, it was a pleasure to watch him capturing that particular Milk Bike in action. I'm kicking myself for not having a ride on the bike being shot for the day, but I thought it best not to have a go and immediately scuff it... ha. 

Speaking of Vulpine... this month also saw me and the Pashley having some quality-fun bezzing about with Nick Hussey & Paul Calver & some "Fit Friends" for another photo-shoot. After a LOT of interest on line (and plenty of people asking me about it), the Women's Specific line of Vulpine clothing has arrived... HUZZAH! The Women's Merino Button Jersey is something not to be ignored & is wonderful to cycle in... I'm in love.

A lot more is coming up on Vélo-City-Girl, including some new Pannier / Shoulder Bag reviews, and a rather special bike review indeed... look out for all that and more. Me and Frankie will be back with updates... soon.


Estudio27cdf said...

Great to see you on the Cycle Show, keeping it stylish amidst the sport.

Mark Meadows said...

Wooo! Milk Bikes managed a mention on VCG! :)
Great to meet up with you two!

Lady Vélo said...

@Estudio27cdf: Thank you kindly :)

@Mark Meadows: You know it! No way that I wasn't going to include Milk Bikes! Was ace to meet you - hope we do it again x

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