2 November 2012

Bicycle Art by Lois May-Miller...

We all know that Bicycles make me happy, as does Art. So putting the two together is a sure-fire way to put a smile on my face, and Brighton-based bicycle-belle Lois May-Miller has done exactly that.
Lois created the blog Claud & I to mark her taking on the 30 Days of Biking challenge in September. What started off as a way to chart her adventures for a month, turned into a cycling blog that she didn't want to stop, after falling in love with cycling.

When she isn't riding her bike Claud, Lois works as a Graphic Designer, with illustration featuring a lot in her day to day work. As Lois explains, the relationship between her day-job and cycling started to come together naturally...
"When I got my first ever road bike back in March, I quickly became pretty obsessed by all things cycling. I was sketching my bike one evening, just for the fun of it. I showed the sketch to a friend who said 'there are people out there who would hang that on their walls!'... and it took off from there" 
Her friend was right to tell her this, as Lois' Cycling themed prints have already gone down with fellow cyclists on Twitter... and I had to have one to hang-up in my Bedroom / Workspace.
The charm of the 'Love and Bicycles' Print captured my heart and my feelings about my Pashley Princess and the freedom of cycling. There are also some other pieces there that have caught my eye, especially as they remind me of the Clubman... Alongside her Prints, Lois also creates Car Window Stickers, for motorists out there who also have some cycling pride...

With new prints in the pipeline in time for Christmas, Lois' prints have certainly made it on my list of cycling related gifts for the festive season.

You can see the current range on the Claud & I online Shop, and contact Lois via her @ClaudAndI twitter account.


MELI. said...

the illustrations on the card are adorbs<3

Amy said...

Love the stickers for in car windows! Makes me wish they were sticky the other way around. I would put the one with the road bike on my Pash and the one with the Pash on my road bike. :)

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