17 April 2010

I'm still here: Cycle Planning

I have been rather lacklustre on updating further adventures on Frankie. I've not been able to ride her over the past week due to things & events happening after work, which would not correspond well with me on a Pashley. Will be back on the saddle next week... I've been missing the feeling of how energised I get riding!

In the meantime, it would appear that the Sun has decided to stick his hat on - meaning more people are out in force on two wheels - which is always lovely to see. I'm in Portsmouth at the moment (a long weekend which started on Thursday afternoon) and there are plenty of cyclists out and about, soaking in the good weather. I've yet to see any Pashleys, but there have been some wonderful looking girls on retro bikes... all of which have made me crave having one here.

It's not very likely that I will be taking Frankie for jaunts to Portsmouth, so I've decided to get a second bike for here! It might not be anything on the scale of a Pashley Princess, but I am after something that looks retro and cute. There are at least 2 bike shops here that I will be checking out for a little cycle to keep here - and I'm very excited about this to put it mildly :)

Will update when more is sorted, but I'm hoping to get it all done in a matter of 2 weeks - fingers crossed...


Sox said...

It is nice to be able to do whatever you like wherever you are. I"m looking forward to seeing your new friend.

Lady Vélo said...

@ Sox: Indeed! Taking the Pashley is something that I would love to be doing, but it's also a case of storage at his place, as The Boy already has his Ridgeback living in the only real space for a bike! I'm thinking of getting a little retro "Shopper" bike... watch this space :)

Dottie said...

Good luck on the bike acquisition!

Lady Vélo said...

Thanks Dottie! Already excited about checking out the bike shops in Portsmouth to see what I can find :)

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