12 May 2010

Berlin on a Bike...

Quick update - I'm off to Berlin tomorrow for a 5 day break... and some cycling should be involved along the way...

The hotel that me and The Boy are staying in have a Cycle-Rental scheme, so we should be getting our bike-on in Berlin - this pleases me. Of course there will be photos & now that I finally have a decent mini-camera (well, Boy has loaned me his Ricoh) I can easily take pics while cycling - as lugging the D80 wasn't an option.

Hopefully see you soon with some European Cycling Adventures :)

4 May 2010

Raleigh Girl

It's here!

The Raleigh Twenty was delivered this evening - and the cheesy smile on my face tells you that I'm happy with it ! Electric Red, with a Chrome finish, Pannier, Ding-Dong Bell & a Brooks Saddle... nice.

Took it for a spin around the block to see how it rides & I'm pleased, but I'm gonna get it serviced properly to make sure it's alright. Probably bad that I'm already thinking of little ways to possibly 'Pimp my Ride"... ooops.

I'll be taking it to Portsmouth in the next few weeks, so expect tales of cycling by the Seaside (at last). I feel a lot less 'precious' about the Raleigh... I like how The Boy put it this afternoon: 
"Frankie is the Bentley of Bikes for London - this one is for all things Coastal."

1 May 2010

Another bike!

The search for a 2nd set of Wheels has resulted in success... come next Tuesday, this Red Retro baby should be with me!

It's a vintage Raleigh Twenty & is exactly what I was hoping to find. It appears to be in fantastic condition from the further pictures on the listing for it, and has been well loved by the previous owner... Loving the colour scheme & the totally Retro vibes to it :)

I guess that I must have the 'Cycling Bug' bad, as I've not even had my Pashley for 6 months and already I've bought another set of wheels... Its permanent base will be in Portsmouth, so expect some seaside summer pictures of me on my Raleigh at some point soon!
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