4 May 2010

Raleigh Girl

It's here!

The Raleigh Twenty was delivered this evening - and the cheesy smile on my face tells you that I'm happy with it ! Electric Red, with a Chrome finish, Pannier, Ding-Dong Bell & a Brooks Saddle... nice.

Took it for a spin around the block to see how it rides & I'm pleased, but I'm gonna get it serviced properly to make sure it's alright. Probably bad that I'm already thinking of little ways to possibly 'Pimp my Ride"... ooops.

I'll be taking it to Portsmouth in the next few weeks, so expect tales of cycling by the Seaside (at last). I feel a lot less 'precious' about the Raleigh... I like how The Boy put it this afternoon: 
"Frankie is the Bentley of Bikes for London - this one is for all things Coastal."


Anonymous said...

It's so perfect and in great condition too...so shiny...ah and the same colour as the last nail varnish I ever applied (sorry...still pining over the loss of never being able to use nail varnish ever again...for the foreseeable future anyway).

Can't wait to hear about some pretty coastal summer rides...just so perfect.

p.s. I'm already thinking up ways to 'improve' Alison...starting with a Brooks saddle and new chrome mud-guards and a new paint job...all in good time I suppose...

Kara said...

So cute! You guys look so perfect together.

Lady Vélo said...

@ TWT: Thank you - and sorry about the nail varnish reminder... It is indeed a shiny piece of joy, but already I'm thinking about new wheels/tyres, saddle and breaks... this was only supposed to be a little run-around for Portmouth... eeek! Indeed - all in good time for us both... :)

@ Kara: Thank you very much! Hoping to have some fun on this thing & fun making some changes too! :)

Pickle Litsell said...

Love your candy red Twenty. You look so happy!

I have two - one folding, one not, and love them.

Here's my site, www.littlepixel.info/twenty and a couple of great Twenty resources if you do decide to pimp her a little...


Happy pedalling!
Littlepixel (in sunny north London)

Lady Vélo said...

@ Littlepixel: Hello & thank you for coming to my blog :)I'm over the moon with this little thing... you have 2 - I can see how that can happen!

Thank you for the links, as I know that I want to eventually do a bit of work on my 20 - and may call in on you for advice :) Will check out your Twenty blog too... see you around :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My mother was a school teacher here in Melbourne and rode her Twenty to school most days. This would have been in the early 70s.(sans helmet, of course) Thanks for the happy memories! ~ ian,

Lady Vélo said...

@ Ian - thank you for your comment! That's sweet about your Mother and the memories this bike has brought back :)

Dottie said...

So cool! Those seem so "London" to me :)

Otto Cilindri said...

"Raleigh Girl" reminds me of those ads and posters, from way back in the old days (but not until I came back to your page a second time).

Maybe you should mention inside jokes, for those of us on the slow side?

Congratulations on scoring a like-new Raleigh folder! Schwalbe Big Apples / Marathon Plus's. I bought a new bike recently, and when I got it home I was already considering new tires (fatter!) new bell (louder, cheerier) and new handlebars (wider, higher, and aluminum).

Martin Hartley said...

A fantastic choice in bicycle. I bought one as a frameset-only last year and now I own two of them (and might be purchasing a third!) Every time I search for new stuff on the Raleigh Twenty, someone else has beaten me to it and usually posted my website link.

There is only one flaw to the Raleigh Twenty as a bicycle - the brakes. The best solution is to get a high-quality set of brake-pads. I particularly recommend the Kool-stop Salmon "Continental" brake pads, as they give you much more powerful braking without changing the look of the bicycle.

You and your Twenty will have many happy miles of cycling to come.

Lady Vélo said...

Sorry for the late reply you lovely people... getting back into the blogging and have copius updating to do from biking in Berlin!

@ Dottie: Thank you! There is something really old-skool about the Twenty bikes!

@ Tinker: Cheers for coming along to my blog! Which posters would they be? Is it a US thing? This one isn't a folding Twenty, but a Twenty all the same! Schwalbe Big Apples - I want a set of these so badly! Can't wait to get into making some changes to this bike!

@ Martin: Thank you for coming to my blog and the link on the Raleigh Twenty page too - appreciated! Cheers for the advise on this also - I need to take het to be serviced asap... all of this will happen when I take the Twenty to Portsmouth...! :)

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