22 August 2010

Cycling & Shopping

Relaxed Sunday Cycle-Chic:
 *Misfits T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
*Skinny Jeans: Topshop
*3D Glasses Necklace: Tatty Devine
*Indian Slipper Shoes: Stratford Market

Me and The Boy headed out on our bikes for the day - I took him (yes - I actually lead the way!) to Columbia Road to meet up with Tyla for lunch and shopping - which was a 1st as I've never carried more than my Handbag, Camera and Lock in Frankie's basket! Although I still need to sort out Panniers for the bike, getting stuff home in the basket was fine - especially when you encounter thoughtful shop owners. I bought a new top and a pair of Vivienne Westwood / Melissa Shoes from Marcos & Trump (which will make an appearance in my Cycle-Chic). The lovely lady who served me clocked my cycle helmet attached to my bag, and without asking, took the shoes out of the box and wrapped them in a shoe-bag for me and just said "for the journey, OK?" I liked this :)

Sunday mornings on Columbia Road are always a lively & pretty affair - and not just because of the flower stalls...
... you can easily get something nice to eat - like cakes in a hodge-podge Vintage Shop that has a crazy tea-room in the back...
... and be entertained by live music on the street!

Cycling on a Sunday is always a good thing :)

17 August 2010

Music & Bikes

Another music video that includes the essential combination:
  • Girl on bike
  • Chic-clothing
  • Pretty bike

It's a few years old, but this never fails to raise a smile from me - It's the carefree riding in that outfit that gets me everytime!


4 August 2010

Ridin' in the Rain...

My excitement of finally being able to cycle to work again (back in my normal office after having to move out for a major refurb) is what probably caused me to neglect checking the weather report before leaving home this morning. This meant that I pulled the rookie-move of not being quite rain-proof on my Pashley! When I left it wasn't raining - then the sky collapsed over East London at lunchtime, and I knew I was gonna be a bit screwed!

Leaving the office there was not a drop of rain, so I gathered evidence in the Cycle-Shed of a dry, but unprepared Lady Vélo...

Rookie-exhibit A: Lack of waterproof jacket / poncho. The Cardigan you see me in? That's all the cover I had over the sleeveless top I was wearing.

Rookie-exhibit B: Footwear. Yeah - strappy sandals. Possibly the brightest thing in East London this afternoon for the lack of sunshine... but not exactly great foot-coverage.

About 15 minutes into my ride - along came the rain! It wasn't too bad as I was pretty close to home at this point, but that shower came down heavy and fast. I made it to my door, with a bit of a wet saddle...
... and a rainy-chic look!

 Strange thing is I actually kinda enjoyed it. Riding always puts me in a good mood, so it was hard to be pissed-off about the weather. And besides - I had to get my feathers wet in the rain at some point :)

1 August 2010

Sunday Cycle Fun!

This morning I cycled to Columbia Road Flower Market, to meet up with my good friend Tyla for a Photography shoot of the Market being set up. Nothing too unusual sounding about this - other than I left my house at 04:10a.m and completed my 1st cycle from Canning Town to another part of London and back... alone!

Although I've cycled part of that route before, I've never done it solo - nor done anything like that on my Pashley before sunrise! It was fantastic & so peaceful. Seeing East London before it was "awake" from the Vélo-view was also an eye opener... from the odd Fox scuttling back home, to late shift workers & lads returning from a night out - so interesting to observe! It was also awesome to ride without getting spooked by too much traffic! Cycling in London still makes me nervous, but this was another boost for my confidence in getting out there and doing it!

I arrived at Columbia Road at 5a.m and was quite pleased that I did the journey in under an hour! The Stall Holders had just started to set up, so it was straight to work with the D80.

All that cycling made me hungry, so it was time to take a break and grab breakfast. This came in the form of what was essentially a fried breakfast in a Bagel! Seriously - this was one of the nicest Bagels I've ever had - and washed down with a Mug of tea, it was delicious!

It was back to shooting and chatting away with the Stall Holders - who are such a friendly group of people! I'm sure they thought we were slightly insane early-birds, but all the same it was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Of course, I can't blog this trip without a mention of the Wardrobe for the day:

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Baxter Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Swallow Earrings: Tatty Devine
Necklace: Topshop
Bracelets: New Look / Topshop
Ring: Orelia Jewellery
Ballet Pumps: Primark
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Peonie Flowers - Columbia Road Flower Market :)

There really is noting better than seeing London by bike so early in the morning - it was such a fantastic feeling, and if you haven't already - I highly recommend cycling to Columbia Road Market. I have to add a huge "thank you" to the Stall Holders, who kindly kept an eye on our locked bikes while we were taking pictures, eating breakfast and getting to know them all!

The whole set from today's Cycle can be viewed here.
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