28 February 2011

The dash for Tweed...

I got a place on The Tweed Run 2011 :)

Registration for it was an intense affair and the places went faster than I could have imagined. I knew that it was going to be busy - but I had no idea how fast it would go.

I'd managed to register by 11:57 & had a bit of a tweet about it after...

... and then by 12:03...

The Q&A Post on Registration that Tweed Run did earlier in the week said something about being on the page a "bit before noon" for registration. When I loaded up the site at about 9a.m (I had to be up early on Saturday morning for something else anyway) I saw a message saying it would be open at 11:55... so the early morning plans I had got a bit sidetracked by me being glued to my Mac from 11:45 & hitting Refresh... a lot. Within the 2 minute window of getting registered, I was given Rider #91 & The Boy (who also got a place roughly at the same time as me) was Rider #134.

The Tweed Run team quickly gave an understandable explanation and very sincere apology as to why registration had to open a tad earlier than Noon. It seems that next year, a lottery-system might be used, which gives an idea of how popular the Tweed Run is becoming.

I can't deny I'm thrilled and feel very lucky that I managed to get a place for this... looking forwards to meeting new faces on the day & hopefully meeting Bloggers / Tweeters who I "know" that are coming along too... x

22 February 2011

Tweed Hopes...

Image from Tweed Run

Tweed Run 2011 is coming... and I want to be a part of it!

The 3rd annual Tweed Run is happening in London on the 9th April 2011 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that me and my Pashley will be there. The coverage & pictures of it last year (thanks to the Tweed Run site and bloggers such as ibikelondon) looked fantastic & convinced me that I'd take part in the next one.

Registration is £5 and opens at midday on Saturday 26th Feb (this weekend) - and all proceeds go to bikes4Africa! I know that places go pretty fast... so that will be me glued to my MacBook in the morning :)

I'm already sourcing out Tweed for the occasion so that I'm prepared (and it's a fabulous excuse to add to the wardrobe too!) Any other Cyclists going to try for a place? Lemme know if you are!

18 February 2011

Dame on a Pashley...

Picture from blikeblog, 2009

I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood. Anyone who knows me is more than aware of this... so finding this picture of her on a Pashley really made me smile... so I had to share it :)

15 February 2011

My kind of Cycling Shoes...

These new and very blue Brogues arrived today - and they were only £10 from the Office Outlet shop on eBay - bargain or what?! I ordered these knowing that at some point soon I would be riding in them.

Now, some people may say that they are not very practical cycling shoes at all: the main material is Suede, the laces are made of Ribbon and they hardly have any grip on the soles (they're rather polished underneath)... but I reckon that with these shoes, I'm adhering to Point 2 of the fantastic Cycle Chic Manifesto:
"I embrace my responsibility to contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape"
... surely seeing such blue-beauties gliding past on a Pashley would brighten up any landscape in London, right? :)
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