25 April 2011

Easy Riders...

Sunny Bank Holidays in London are made for bikes :)
After a pleasantly busy weekend me and The Boy managed to get out for a ride: there was no agenda - just to cycle in the sunshine and see where our wheels would take us...

Simply riding through the City in no hurry is lovely... and by bike, you certainly get the chance to take in  some sites easily... such as ones like this in Limehouse...

Ended up in Look Mum No Hands - my return visit (this time with bike) & The Boy's first visit there. Goes without saying he was happy with the place, the bikes around us and the Kernel Beer+frosted class combo there...

Joy for me was a cold bottle of Coke and the sweet sustenance that followed...

To go with the laid-back vibe, I threw together an "easy outfit" for the cycle-day:
(click picture for full details)

Hat: Bought from a shop on St Marks Place (NYC) back in 2009
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Earrings: Grandmothers
Feather Necklace: Tatty Devine
Tee: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boyfriend Jeans: Diesel
Bracelets: Presents from The Boy
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent
Sandals: Birkenstocks

19 April 2011

Playsuits for Pedal Pushing...

It's fairly safe to say that Summer is creeping in - which has me thinking about a Summer Cycle Wardrobe...

Playsuits will feature heavily this year. I became a fan of them after falling head over handlebars for this Chloé one I bought in 2009:
Other than trying it on in that picture, I've yet to wear it outside my house, which is a total disservice to how pretty & colourful it is! It should be fantastic to ride in: light material, not clingy and very breezy.

I have 2 other Playsuits (bought last year) but I've been eyeing up the selection Topshop currently has on offer. These ones are definitely on the shopping list:

Love the cut of this one & the pattern so much

I've not worn anything like these since I was a kid, so surprised that I like them. Reckon these ones would look wicked when I'm riding on my Raleigh 20 - fits the era nicely!

If you're not super comfortable cycling in a short skirt (I've still not done that yet), I suspect the Playsuit makes for a good alternative: you still have the freedom of getting your legs out in the sunshine, they look easy to cycle in & you can hide your modesty at the same time!

Do you have any Summer Cycle Wardrobe plans or tips?

17 April 2011

Cycle Cafe Joy...

I finally (sans bike) visited Look Mum No Hands today. Shameful as I've had my Pashley for a year & I don't live that far away from LMNH at all! Headed there for lunch with my lovely friend Amy as we both were long overdue checking the place out... and it's fantastic!

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how lovely the vibe is in there: friendly staff, friendly fellow cyclists and some of the nicest pies I've tasted in a long time...

Another visit is already being planned, and I intend on spending some hazy summery days there after a cycle around the city. Silly me for not checking it out sooner, but glad to find out what I was missing! Perhaps I'll catch you in there in the summer? :)

10 April 2011

The Tweed Run 2011 - A Beautiful Day!

Riders 091 & 134 :)
We certainly got our Tweed on!

What Ho dear readers! I must say, The Tweed Run has to be the best & most stylish cycling event in London... utterly spiffing!

Riding towards St Paul's in the splendid sunshine, I was filled with excitement - every so often we'd encounter other participants heading there, who dinged their bells or tooted their horns to say "Pip Pip!"  This was an understatement of how friendly everyone there was going to be :) Even though I knew that it was a big event, it was still breathtaking to see so many cyclists together in Paternoster Square all decked out in seriously chic Tweed...

Cycling through the roads of Central London was unbelievable! The Marshals did a tremendous job of getting us all through without incident (I doff my Tweed Cloche to you all!) and having to deal with any slightly disgruntled drivers along the way... although it was rather refreshing to have some motorists beeping to compliment us!

There was always an opportunity to chat to people along the ride: just cycling beside someone, conversation was struck-up almost instantly. It was such a happy and jolly vibe which is rather hard to put into words - every ones smiles said it all!

Of course, I must give you a bit of my Cycle-Chic for the day:
Hat: Anna Chocola
Pheasant Feather Brooch (on hat): Katherine Butler
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Pearl Earrings: Topshop
Pearl Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Gold Locket & Chain: borrowed from Mum
Vintage Louis Vuitton Silk Scarf: also borrowed from Mum
Blouse: ASOS
Tights: M&S
Tweed Shorts: Mango
Brogues: Topshop
Bag: Topshop

It was a truly marvelous experience & I am still smiling from ear-to-ear about just how great it was. It was also lovely to have met fellow Tweeters and Bloggers, who I hope to see again soon. Also, I managed to cycle alongside a chap by the name of Ewan McGregor... 

The day is certainly best explained in visuals, so please toodle along to our rather spiffing set of photos of the day from me and The Boy, which you can view on Flickr:

Hope to be back next year to take part... in the meantime, Tally Ho old bean - it's been amazing!

7 April 2011

Ready for the Run...

I finally have my outfit together for the Tweed Run!

The Shoes and the Bag were the last items needed to complete it... almost had a breakdown at work today as the delivery didn't show up until 16:00 - and our Post Room closes at 16:30!

Just a quick iPhone picture of it - there will of course be proper pictures and details (including accessories) on the day, but this is a taster of it :)

Again, if anyone wants to meet / say "hello" on Saturday, drop me a message on Twitter (@ladyvelo82) or email me using the link on the blog... see you on Saturday... Pip Pip! :) 
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