25 July 2011

Dunst does it well...

Due to my recurring (read as "annoying") neck issue I've been off the Pashley for a little while - but should be back on it this week thanks to my Physio last weekend. Whilst dreaming of being back on the saddle, I came across this picture of Kirstin Dunst cycling on what looks like a classic Raleigh through New York. She looks fantastic - relaxed, happy and chic on two wheels... always a great thing to see.

I love this outfit: Ray Bans, a simple dress (which I suspect may cost a small fortune), little brown bag and Sandals. Weather permitting, I'm going to recreate this using some Wardrobe Remixing & my Ray Bans and Cambridge Satchel, but here's a version of it that I've put together which doesn't cost the Earth...

Thanks Ms Dunst for the inspiration - and please keep on cycling in style! 

20 July 2011

Leggy Fashion...

The British Summer appears to be doing that "rainy" thing again... there I am itching to be cycling in Summer garms, yet the weather is not complying with my desire... g'ah.

A small ray of sunshine came my way when this arrived...
It's another Lanvin for H&M t-shirt (apparently you can wear it as a dress). I missed out on getting this in the madness of the launch, but picked up this brand new one on eBay... AND I didn't pay over the odds for it either! I love the idea of cycling in this, so perhaps when the weather sorts itself out I can.

I do wonder of the Tutu frilling at the top will blow back in my face and annoy me. Only one way to find out I guess... :)

6 July 2011

Product Review: Kitsch Kitchen Pannier from Cycle Chic...

As I've finally sorted out a Rear Rack for my Pashley, what would the next logical step be? Adorn it with a new Pannier of course...
I was very lucky (and utterly over the moon!) to receive* this Kitsch Kitchen Pannier from CycleChic for a review. Founded by Caz Nicklin, this independent London-based online store offers an array of stylish cycling accessories for women, including Clothing, Helmets and of course Panniers.

The Kitsch Kitchen bags come in various patterns - this one is the Florapola, which is pretty lively! I went for the Yellow colourway (it also comes in White and Orange) as the contrast between it and the Pashley was nice and bright...and I reckon it'll go very well with my summer cycling wardrobe too ;)

Other than it being rather beautiful to look at, the Pannier also very practical. The clip-on system it uses is really simple, so attaching it to my Pletscher was smooth...  
Cleverly concealed under a zip-up flap are two metal hooks that attach to the Rack. I found that they clipped onto it firmly and without any problems.

I wanted to test out how secure it was when cycling, so I used it as the main form of storage on my cycle date with The Boy... notice the lack of front Basket on Frankie - she looks so different without it! Although I adore the Basket, it can be quite front-heavy when riding with everything in there. I had plenty of stuff in that bag, (including some bike accessory shopping that The Boy did), but there was no danger of it rattling off the rack while riding - nor did it bang against the wheel or my foot - Huzzah! Weight doesn't appear to be an issue with the Kitsch Kitchen Pannier - it's a very sturdy bag and anyone one with a heavy bike like mine will know that weight distribution is pretty important...

Now, I'm sure you realise with me almost everything forms a part of my Cycle-wardrobe, so I'm pleased to say that the Pannier fits in nicely with this. It certainly became part of my wardrobe for the day:
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Earrings: Primark
Top: Warehouse
Brooch: Tatty Devine
Ring: Mawi for ASOS
Jeans: Diesel
Sandals: TopShop

All I needed to do was un-clip it from the Rack, zip up the flap which conceals the hooks and you have a lovely large handbag for the day - just like that :) It makes for a very spacious handbag or shopping bag & with the inner-zip pocket and two roomy outer pockets, you have plenty of storage solutions for your keys, phone and any other small items.

Retailing at £36.99 from CycleChic you certainly get your money's worth with this Kitchen Kitsch Pannier. This bag definitely gets full marks from me and Frankie: it's beautiful, practical & is certainly a very welcome and fashionable addition to my cycle wardrobe... certainly one to check out for sure.

More photos of the Bag in action can be viewed in this set on Flickr
Many thanks to The Boy for the photography.

*This bag was kindly gifted to VCG by Cyclechic for a review.

4 July 2011

Rack and Rescue...

A year and a bit later, Frankie is getting some upgrades to her frame. Last week I started hunting for a Pletscher Rack for my Pashley. It was time to get the rear sorted so I could get Pannier bags to carry more stuff easily.
As she's a Princess Classic, she didn't come with a Rack as standard. Yes, it was probably a bit slack of me not to have sorted out more storage earlier, but the big Basket was doing a fabulous job of carrying everything... well, up to a point.

Throughout the week, it started to turn into a mission to find the black Pletscher Athlete I was after. I'd found a couple of websites selling them, but delivery would be an issue as I needed to have it by Friday at the latest. Checked in with a few bike shops, but they didn't stock them... and then Velorution stepped in to the rescue :)  I got a message on Thursday from them via Twitter, telling me they had one in stock which was excellent news as I could pick it up Friday evening!
I knew that when I arrived, I wouldn't just walk in, get my Rack and leave: one of the windows has a sign which reads "Not just the sexiest bikes in London..." and this is very true. Not only do they have some of the most beautiful bikes in stock (including a Pedersen that I was so tempted to get on) there are also some fabulous cycling accessories to choose from, and a very helpful & friendly team on hand.

It was lovely to finally meet Andrea, who I had a lovely chat with about my Pashley, blogging & other bike related matters :) In between chatting and admiring the bikes on show, my eye was caught by this fantastic looking front basket:
... details are not yet showing on their Website, but I must get further information about this - would be brilliant to give it a test on my bike in London - a garden on wheels :)

The Rack was perfect & is now pride of place on the back of Frankie:

Massive thanks to Andrea and the team at Velorution for your help in getting the Pletscher sorted out for me. There is a fabulous new Pannier bag which now graces the back of the bike... more on that coming up soon.
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