4 November 2011

Return of The Tweed Run...

Image from the NYC Rugby Tweed Run 2011

It's time to dust-off your Plus-Fours and polish your Pashleys... after the successful collaboration last month for the NYC Ride, Tweed Run have teamed-up again with Rugby Ralph Lauren for the return of the Tweed Run to London!

Saturday 26th November is the date to note in your diaries, and I'm pleased to say that The Boy and I will be taking part, along with fellow Tweed-Run friends from earlier this year! This time starting-off from Covent Garden, the ride will end with what's been described as an "exclusive soiree". Of course the familiar elements of the Tweed Run will be present, including the Tea Stop and the coveted 'Most Dapper Chap' / 'Most Dashing Dame' awards. 

With 22 days to go, planning ahead and getting a look together is a good idea, as the last thing I want to be doing is a last minute dash around the shops. Drawing inspiration from the previous Tweed Ride and some of my favourite designers, outfit ideas have been coming together already, and the first hurdle to be tackled - Accessories...

A very recent purchase means that I definitely have my Handbag for the day sorted out:
... it's a vintage Scotchgrain Leather Mulberry Messenger, and it only arrived yesterday! I've wanted one of these old beauties for so long and the timing of this could not have been better. The colour scheme is perfect for the day too.

The next item on my accessory list is a new hat. OK, so I could wear the gorgeous Cloche I wore in April, but as my outfit itself (more on that later) is going to be a bit of a departure from the last one, a different style of hat will be required. I was rather impressed with the Brielle Felt Hat featured on Rubgy, and have found a version that may fit the bill...

This wide-brimmed Felt Hat by Catarzi for ASOS has fantastuc autumnal tones - perfect for the seasonal timing of the Tweed Run... which leads nicely into another autumn-themed piece that has caught my eye...

Of course, a bit of Tatty Devine was bound to feature... you all know how much I love their pieces! From their current A/W Collection comes the Forest Cluster Necklace. Without giving away too much about the whole outfit I have in mind, the colours in this should be a brilliant match... more updates to follow :) 

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