2 December 2011

Twirling in Tweed: The Rugby London Tweed Run...

Me, capturing the "Spirit" of the day...

What-ho Dames & Chaps! The Boy and I attended the Rugby London Tweed Run last Saturday - all of my last minute dashing around on Friday fell into place, so we were both more than ready for the day... phew! I'll give a quick run-down of my attire for the day - elements of which you'll see in more pictures:

Dress: Runaround Sue by Vivien of Holloway
Red Elastic Belt: Vivien of Holloway
Tweed Jacket: H&M
Pheasant Feather Brooch: Katherine Butler
Red-Seamed Stockings: Jonathan Astor
Heels: Aldo
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Hair Corsage: Made by me!
Rose Ring: H&M
Brown Leather Kelly Bag - Vintage
Pearl Earrings: TopShop
Nails: Thanks to O.P.I at Selfridges

(You may have noticed that the fabulous hat I bought for the day is not featured - I got my Twists re-done on the Wednesday & my hair was too big for the hat!) 

Once again, the Weather-Gods looked down on the event, as we were blessed with bright skies & crisp winter air for the day... if it had rained, I suspect there would have been a lot of damp Tweed cycling through London! Arriving at the meeting point, we were greeted with a sea of beautiful outfits and bicycles. Being in Covent Garden, there was even more of a tourist-attraction element to the day, with many people pulling out cameras and phones, snapping away. The Tweed-Runners make for a rather dashing display, so I'm sure the tourists must have enjoyed seeing us!

Ralph Lauren laid on breakfast for us all, which was a rather nice touch indeed. Men (who I'm sure were all models!) dressed in the Rugby RL colours were on hand to dish out savouries, cakes, teas & coffees to fuel us up for the ride. I must admit to being a bit too excited to eat my Muffin - there was so much going on around me, there was no room for an appetite to build up! 

After the official Tweed Run photo was taken on the steps of the Rugby Store, we had the chance to quickly catch-up with some familiar faces and meet other people taking part...
Tony and Victor, the stylish brothers  who I met last year, helping each other get ready

I loved her Brogues and bright Lipstick - sadly we didn't catch her name!

The 'Vintage News' team, looking spiffing while covering the event

The Dapper-Chaps of The Guvnors Assembly

Setting off, the route for the ride was great, taking in a few more of the tourist attractions of London. Making our way through Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and past Buckingham Palace (where we certainly got a lot of tourist attention!), we arrived for our Tea Stop in Chelsea. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea were the sponsors of the Stop this year - they provided a wonderful spread, including some tasty little Cupcakes, and of course a nice drop of tea in China cups...
It's not Lady V unless she's drinking Tea...

It was also another chance to stop and have a good catch-up with friends on the ride with us too... and get some photos of them looking glamorous...
The Lovely Loughton Brothers John and Jim, who Piped-Up for the day

Kathryn King of BikemindedRBKC, looking like a Matinee Idol! I loved her vintage Fur Stole

With Kathryn, the gorgeous Jemma of "Help! My Chain Came Off" and the Dapper Mark Ames of the "i b i k e l o n d o n" blog

During the Tea Stop, I had the pleasure of meeting Fleur de Guerre, who is absolutely stunning and simply oozes elegance and grace!
Strike a pose ladies...

The kind of accessorising that I love - when your Pashley Matches your Outfit!

Fleur looked beautiful in her Ralph Lauren velvet jacket, H&M Blouse, Tarantula Clothing Capris & those lovely red leather gloves and tights! I must admit to having the nicest Hat-Envy...!

We finished the Tweed Run at the exclusive Caledonian Club in Belgravia. It was the ultimate luxury end to the day - an opulent members-only club, with some very expensive Whisky, Teas and live entertainment which was fantastic!

The shin-dig at the Caledonian also gave me the chance to finally meet one of the founders of the Tweed Run, Ted Young-Ing...
Another spectacular suit from Mr Tweed Run himself

After attending the last ride in April and having a blast, it was fantastic to say hello and have a chat with one of the forces behind such a fabulous event.

You can view more photos from the day on my Flickr Stream - again, a massive thank you to The Boy for being my brilliant Photographer for the day and for my blog!

It was a brilliant day from start to finish, and already I can't wait for the next one in April... is it crazy that I've already started thinking about my outfit for the day?! Pip-Pip!


Anonymous said...

I have seen all the photos on your Flickr page and they are all stunning! I am impressed by the attention to detail of the whole event, and everyone that attended! Makes me wish I was there (if only I had a bicycle...) ;)

Teen Dreams said...

Wow, I loved this post. It all looks so amazing. I wish I was experienced enough to take part in the April one, maybe that will be my new year's goal? Does everybody ride pashleys specifically for the event or would I be too out of place in my more modern looking electra glide?

Anonymous said...

Found you through Fleur's page, I love your blog! The Tweed Run looked absolutely splendid, I'm sorry I missed it!
x Dorothy

Kara said...

You have got the Tweed Run down. You look fabulous, of course! What a fun day. I really am thinking of making a trip one of these days so I can be in the Tweed Run too!

Teresa Stokes said...

It was great to meet your elegant self, and I'm still buzzing after such a splendid day. Did you know the Johnny Walker they were dishing out costs well over a hundred quid a bottle? I made sure I savoured every drop as I may not get the chance to have it again, and did not swig it down! Fingers crossed we get a place for the next one in April!

Momtaz said...

This post which is what blogs are all about - the chance to read about experiences that we otherwise wouldn't hear about. The enthusiasm for what you love radiates from the screen!A brilliant read!

Pashley Queen said...

Ooh, you look stunning as ever. I am determined to go on the next one as i missed out on this one. Looks like you had a wonderful time in beautiful clothes on beautiful bikes!

Lady Vélo said...

Thank you all so much for your comments on this post - glad that you enjoyed reading it!

The Tweed Run is such a wonderful experience... the people are friendly, taking in London by bike like this is ace and the dressing-up element... brilliant! x

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