10 January 2012

Cycle Style - The Book...

Do you remember that Photo-Shoot that me and my Pashley took part in last Summer?

Well, it was for Horst A. Friedrichs third book, 'Cycle Style'which celebrates the brilliant and varied fashion in London's cycling scene. I'm very pleased to finally be able to tell you that I'm going to be in the book, along with featuring on the back cover too!

"Cycle Style" Book Cover courtesy of waterstones.com
Photo by Horst A.Friedrichs

Horst and his assistant Filip Milovac contacted to let me know the news, and to ask me to be in the promo-video for the book launch. I was over the moon to know I'd made it into 'Cycle Style', and was bouncing off the walls about the cover... that's something I never expected to happen.

I met up with Filip last month for the video shoot on Columbia Road. It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon in December - a bit chilly but very bright... perfect winter cycling weather! It also meant I could wrap up warm on the bike, and not be smothered in heavy & plain clothing... 

Photo by Filip Milovac* 

Scarf: See by Chloé
Leather Biker Jacket: Topshop
Black Jumper: M&S
Bag: Vintage Mulberry
Tweed Shorts: Mango
Big Ben Tights: Henry Holland
(I had to wear those tights - celebrating London's cycle style, right?)
Brogues: Topshop

The adorable Filip - photo thanks to a kind passer-by who clicked the button! 

I can't wait to see the finished video & of course the published book. It's been a wonderful experience and a fantastic project to be a part of... roll on March for the launch!

*Thank you to Filip for these shots of the day for the blog.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Photos look great! :)

stropwaffle said...

Huge congratulations to you and looking utterly fabulous as always!

Lucija said...

And the photo looks amazing!!


Katy Salter @ Pinch of Salt said...

Lady V! I've found your blog. Absolutely loving this look esp the tight and the vintage Mulbs, did you get it from eBay? Looking forward to reading more in 2012. K x

Il Babbo said...

Fantastic combination of bikes and fashion. Superb!
Does any one know where I can get the blue/white collar top as worn by Jesse on the front cover of the cycle Style book?

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