25 June 2012

A Photo-Shoot With Frankie...

It's not often that I let the Pashley out of my sight, but a couple of weeks ago I was happy to make an exception to the rule. My beloved Frankie went off on a photo-shoot for a few days with Brooks England! Knowing that she was going to be in safe hands, I didn't mind having a bit of time off the saddle and let them take her away.

Like a concerned mother, I was wondering what was going on with Frankie while she was away from me. Realising what I'm like and being a thoughtful Gent, Ted Young-Ing (who is also the Art Director for Brooks) sent me a photo to keep me up to date...

She was certainly looking rather different: gone were her rubber handlebar grips, a metal basket graced her at the front and some stunning panniers were on the back! Frankie looked like a brand new bike with just a few tweaks and changes. A couple of days after I was sent this picture, the shoot was over and Frankie was on her way back home... and she came back looking like this:

Those gorgeous Leather Grips remained (which look at feel so much better than the standard Rubber ones I had) and Frankie was adorned with a few sweet extras...

It was more than a pleasant surprise when the Pashley was returned with one of the Tool Bags I'd been lusting over for a while and their Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers at the back!

I cant want to see the final photos from the Brooks Shoot... it'll be excellent to see how the Pashley was used on the day. Massive thank you to Brooks England for these lovely additions to my bike, and a special thank you to Ted for making sure she was looked after on the day.

Additional photos can be viewed in this Flickr Set.
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