4 March 2013

Work It! The Fit Crowd with Sweaty Betty...

When Sweaty Betty contacted me about #TheFitCrowd, they certainly got my curiosity. Then, a couple of weeks later when I got an invitation to attend an evening of fashion and fitness, they definitely got my attention.
Empowering women though fitness is Sweaty Betty's primary aim, and since launching in 1998 there are no signs of this mission slowing down. Their latest stage in this is 'The Fit Crowd' - a collective of likeminded women working together with SB to inspire new communities of fitness focused women. This was something that really appealed to me for two reasons:
  1. My absolute belief in cycling having a wonderful impact on your health and lifestyle
  2. Being inspired myself by other women to cycle and wanting to do the same via VCG
Last week I attended the introduction evening for The Fit Crowd, held at the Sweaty Betty Kings Road boutique. This was a chance to meet the other women who were part of the collective and check out their new range of clothing, with advice from their personal stylists...
All evening photos courtesy of Sweaty Betty.

I've indulged in their clothing before for my forays into Yoga, but never for the other elements of fitness in my life: cycling and running (which I do with the fabulous RetroRunnersLDN group). The notion of having nice pieces of clothing for BOTH cycling and running was ringing in my head while looking though the racks; something for runs with the Retro Girls, as well as for "go harder"days riding on the Clubman. After having a good look though EVERYTHING in the store & trying some pieces on, I'd put together an outfit that would be ace for both. 

So, after the fashion element of the evening, it was time to get into the fitness half of it... which saw The Fit Crowd having a Barrecore class!
We all headed over to the Barrecore Studio, which wasn't too far from the Boutique for an hour long session. This was certainly a new fitness experience for me, having never done it before...
This certainly put muscles I'd not discovered I had though their paces... this class was hard, fast but enjoyable! There was an interesting "burn" in the body doing Barrecore... my face in the last photo probably tells you that to - ha! I can see myself doing this again soon, alongside my cycling... 

It was a fantastic evening and I'm looking forward to working with SB and the rest of The Fit Crowd collective again! Inspiring more women to embrace fitness IS a brilliant thing & something I hope to do more with VCG and getting on your bike!

YOU can also get involved with The Fit Crowd AND win some rather nifty Sweaty Betty gear! To celebrate the launch of the collective, all you need to is:
  1. Take a picture of yourself wearing your favourite fitness outfit 
  2. Tweet the picture to @SweatyBetty_UK
  3. Hashtag it #TheFitCrowd
The person who takes most inspiring and creative picture will win the SB gear along with some Cowshed Spa goodies. Competition ends on 31st March... so get out there with your bikes and go for it!

Watch this space for more #TheFitCrowd updates... 2013 certainly is turning into the year VCG gets its fitness ON.
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