4 August 2013

Cycle Saturday: Filming with Newsnight and a final hurrah...

(UPDATE: The feature is up on the BBC News Magazine site, which can be viewed anywhere in the world! Click here for article and video)

I was back out on my Pashley Princess yesterday for a ride to Broadway Market (fast becoming a favourite place to ride to) for one of my Cycle Saturdays with The Boy. This one was a bit different though, as I spent the morning filming a piece for Newsnight with BBC Hague correspondent Anna Holligan...
Keen cyclist Anna, along with producer Hannah & camera man / editor Suraj set off from The Netherlands on 31st July for a grand bike tour to London. I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of her journey, taking about what it's like cycling in London. Thankfully the August weather held out for a sunny day of riding and recording at Lock 7 Cycle Cafe...
It was an absolute pleasure meeting Anna, Hannah and Suraj, chatting about Anna's experiences of cycling Dutch style vs London... and having a go on her Burgers bicycle: my FIRST time trying out a back-pedal break system! The cycling feature will be shown on Newsnight next Wednesday at 22:30 on BBC2.

Saturday was also the final hurrah for the Clubman. After enjoying it for a very extended loan, it's now dismantled and packed up for its return to Stratford-upon-Avon... but not before The Boy took it out for a final spin around East London with me!

(a mention for Mr James' Cycle Style)
Storm Cap - Vulpine
Merino Button Jersey: Vulpine
Jeans: Diesel
Shades: Chanel
Trainers: adidas
Bag: Crumpler

Certainly a new riding experience to what I'm used to, the Major Taylor bars meant a totally alien riding position... a far cry from my sit-up-and-beg relaxed style. On longer rides it was quite hard on my back, especially with my Scoliosis (I also think part of the problem was the frame size being a tad too small for me and Ian found this too) - not the most comfortable position, but I tried it all the same. 
The S3X-3 speed fixed gear was a strange concept to get my head around... this seemed to be the case for most people I met and found this out about the bike! I ended up riding the bike in 2nd gear all the time: for some reason, changing the gears was fiddly on the bike, and on occasion it would 'snap' out of a changed gear. However, riding fixed DID spark off a love for both of us, with Ian now wanting to get a fixie of his own! 

After finishing the filming, we rode on to the new Look Mum No Hands on Mare Street for a caffeine-shot and some good eating. 
Hat: From a market stall in East Village, NYC
Shades: Ray Ban
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Top: Topshop
Denim Boyfriend Shorts: Topshop
Sandals: Dune
Pannier: Bobbin Straw Pannier

Has to be said - the new LMNH is becoming a favourite hangout of mine, with a brilliant menu including hot food and some amazing coffee blends on offer... not to mention Earl Grey tea that looks like THIS:

All riding days should end with a pot of tea like this and a charming cycle back home.


Nigel said...

Well I must thank the BBC for the piece on you. I get to find another superb cycling blog.

Very cool. Thanks.

jane said...

What did you think of the Burgers bicycle? Holland's oldest bicycle manufacturer, which is quite a claim!

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