27 August 2013

Product Review: Michaux Shadow Saddle Bag...

"Sleek and stylish" were the first words that came to mind when I opened my delivery from Michaux. After reviewing their Weekender Bag, I was asked to review* their new Shadow Saddle Bag & couldn't wait to put it to the test...

The Shadow Saddle Bag is made from waterproof bonded canvas and finished with leather trims, featuring the signature Michaux reflective 3M Scotchlite material, to enhance visibility when riding. It's immediate to the touch that the quality of the canvas used is very high, and as with the Weekender, the Shadow feels like it's built to last.
The versatility of the Shadow is a huge plus on the cycle style and practicality stakes: with its adaptable leather straps & metal hoops it can be attached to the back of your saddle or handlebars OR easily convert into a shoulder bag / mini backpack...
(on this occasion I didn't attach the straps to the half-moon hoop, but it still sat well on my back)

Heading out for an easy ride around Southsea and my usual tea/coffee stop, the size of the Shadow was ideal for me to use it as my handbag for the day. The interior was big enough for me to carry around my daily essentials like my purse, keys, phone, inhaler and make-up - all held securely in place...

If you're on the lookout for a larger bag in a similar design to carry all your work bits and bike lock in, they are available from Michaux: the Shadow however is ideal for a leisurely ride or a weekend pootle on your bike. The Shadow is small, stylish and secure: small enough to attach to my saddle, along with looking good against the bike, and with its strong leather straps and metal fasteners, it's almost impossible for the bag to come away while riding. It also sits in place incredibly well if you wear as a backpack while cycling.

I'm pleased and excited to see the direction designer Rachel Bonney has taken with her new design, making a smaller handbag perfect for when you are on your bike and and don't plan on carrying lots of stuff around. Once again, Michaux show that style doesn't have to be sacrificed for practicality - it's a fashionable merging of the two, and with its classic design it's sure to be used rather often while off the bike too.

The Shadow Saddle Bag retails for £150 & is available in Black, Olive or Claret from Michaux.

*This bag was kindly gifted to VCG by Michaux for a review. 


Rachel (Roo Paprika) said...

I am soooo jealous of your seaside cycling!

At 8 months pregnant I haven't had chance to try out my new olive Shadow bag on my bike yet. But I have taken it everywhere with me this weekend - containing all the essentials and even enough room for a lightweight showerproof! And it's just so chic - I love cycling stuff that fits in to non-bike life beautifully too. I can see my new bag and I being friends for a very long time

Anastasia said...

Thats genius! I always find it difficult to ride a bike and have a bag on the one side at the same time. Fantastic idea :)

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