16 November 2013

Where'd You Go, Vélo?

You could call this blog post rather out of character for VCG, but it's been rather out of character that I've not posted for a couple of months… and I feel I owe an explanation as to why. Things have been a little hectic on the other side of this screen, in a mixture of both good and bad...

The good stuff includes all things work related at Vulpine going incredibly well. A few months ago I became Operations Manager of the company, after first joining the team as Sales and Marketing Manager (gosh, that's coming up for a year now!) I'm really getting my teeth stuck into the role, and loving it: constantly on the go, something new is learnt everyday and above all else it's ALL about working in the cycling/fashion industry with a brilliant team… it's crazy-busy and it's making me crazy-happy.

The bad stuff? My wonderful and gorgeous Mamma Vélo was taken seriously ill at the end of September. 

Her health has been an issue for sometime, but she took a particularly crappy turn for the worse a couple of months ago, which involved the Police and an Ambulance team having to bash our front door down to get to her. The news of an unconscious Mamma being found at home totally f**ked me up. What followed was a spell in hospital, and me pretty much living there everyday and keeping lots of shit together for her while trying not to do my nut with worry. There was no time for anything else at at point.  All my thoughts were with her, and what was going on. Even after the hospital stay, that wasn't the end of the bad stuff happening with her health… hence me being on a blog hiatus for so long. 

Thankfully things are improving now - it's not perfect, but then again what is? (well, a long blissful ride on my bike somewhere beautiful without a care in the world is, and that'll be happening soon enough). I've missed doing VCG and REALLY getting out there on a bicycle and finally I'm getting back on both the blogging and bike saddle after being off it for what feels like an age! I've still been dipping my toe into Twitter and Instagram, and those of you who know me on there & knew about what was going on with me have been absolute lifesavers. You've kept me going with your kind words and support and believe me when I say it means a lot…. so thank you.

I've a sackful of CycleStyle reviews I'm desperate to get up on here and share with you, along with a tonne of emails to answer AND an exciting new chapter in cycling that I'm in the process of embarking on… there will certainly be more on that later.

I'm just so sorry that I ended up vanishing from here for a while, but I needed to deal with a lot of "stuff' that required all of my attention. I wasn't in a very good place at all, but as things are getting somewhere close to normal, VCG will be too… the last thing I want is for something I love doing so much to fade away.

So, that's my explanation for being a bit rubbish of late… hopefully if you're still reading this bit, you'll stick around for normal service, which resumes on VCG once again.

Lady V x


Kristin Tieche said...

Welcome back Vélo girl! I've been out of commission myself with regards to the blog lately because of my film. Blogging is very time-consuming and it may not seem that way to readers, but it takes a lot of time to compose meaningful posts on a regular basis, in addition to photos, tweets, etc... So take care of yourself, and love to you and your mom! <3

steve makin said...

to be fair, you've not been rubbish, you've been doing the absolute right thing

the internet will always be there, people are far and away more important than that


Ste Johnson said...

Thoughts with you Jools. Glad things are back and the up - pleased there's loads of exciting and good things coming up as the years turn too - 2014 will be brilliant for you I'm sure.

Take care


MrsLauraW said...

Steve said it perfectly - take care :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Miss Velo! I love your blog and the wonderful pictures and entries from across the pond. I am so glad that your mother is doing better - it has been a difficult year for so many people but you are a wonderful and loving daughter and your mom is so lucky to have you! My best thoughts are with both of you and I know your long and happy bike ride will happen soon. Take good care of yourself as well!

Sophie W.

Natalie said...

So sorry to hear about your horrible few months. Never fear, we'll be here whenever you feel up to posting. In the meantime, lots of love and good wishes are being sent your way.

Anonymous said...

I love you're blog! You make cycling look so cool! Love it! x

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